Tips to Help Your Kids Remain Active This Holiday

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Jul 23, 2019

While it is lovely to spend time with your children, it can be difficult to keep them occupied with an activity for a long period especially during a long holiday. There are plenty of ways to help your kids remain active this holiday.

This list will incorporate leisure exercises that are both educational and fun. It also includes activities they can do indoors on days they cannot go out to mingle or be outdoors due to the weather element, COVID-19, and other reasons.

Worried the kids will be bouncing off the walls in sheer boredom during this holiday? Or that they’ll be glued to cartoons or PlayStations throughout their Stay-at-home time? We got you covered.

There are ways to keep them entertained, active and out of trouble at little to no expense. It helps to keep in mind that developmental stages are a normal and necessary part of your children’s growth.

All of this is to say, don’t stress out about scheduling your child’s break. Just letting children be, letting them play, and rest while exploring new tasks will refuel them psychologically for school resumption.

The following guide outlines programs that are both educational and fun!

13 Ways To Keep Your Kids Active This Holiday


1. Affections and Hugs

Firstly, this may not be like the rest of the list because it does not involve exercises that will keep your kids busy and out of trouble. But have it in mind that children need lots of affection and care. This is why hugs and shows of affection are included in this precious list. Besides, children who feel loved tend to be happier and will be more willing to take part in tasks. They will be more confident and receptive to good changes.

2. Car Racing Track

On to a more physical activity, put colored tape on the carpet or floor to make road patterns for your kids’ cars. You can add signals and stop signs to make the activity progressively innovative. Make a special zone for parking where the vehicles need to grind to a halt after the playtime is over. This will keep you from stumbling over toys all around the room. The tape will peel off effectively when you are through. 

3. Turn off Electronics

Help Your Kids Remain Active This Holiday

Lessening the time spent using electronic appliances is an excellent method to help your kids remain active this holiday. It is critical to have times when gadgets are not to be utilized. Of course, in this day and age, technology is a part of everyday learning, communication, and entertainment. However, there should be scheduled periods for the use of these gadgets, otherwise, they can quickly become the dominating focus of a child’s life. 

4. Indoor Bowling Track

Another way to help your kids remain active during this holiday is to make an indoor bowling game making use of a wooden board or a flat cardboard box spread out on a leveled surface. Also, use pencil erasers or fat-colored crayon stubs for bowling pins. Marbles or a ping-pong ball as the bowling ball. Keep track of who’s winning and have a splendid time! 

5. Building Your Kids Body Confidence

According to experts, the early years (between 12 months to 7 years) are vital in developing the ‘Fundamental Patterns’ period that will become a person’s bedrock for life. Throughout our lives, we constantly refer back to these fundamental patterns while we hone new skills. Moreover, if we secure these movements with confidence, we create a firm foundation for a positive relationship with our bodies and mind. 

6. Help Your Kids Learn New Skills

Find out if there’s any skill they’d like to improve or one that is advised by their school to work on. Whatever goal you agree on, set aside sometime every day to practice and congratulate your child at the end of the holidays on the progress they’ve made. That will encourage them to want to do more. 

7. Room Cleaning Race

Put on a timer, kick back and let the kids do all the work. Would they be able to put all the cushions back on the sofa in 30 seconds? Would they be able to find all the blue toys on the floor in some seconds? Will all the shoes lying around the house make it back to the shoe rack in a short time? Or will they fold all the garments on the bed in a quick time? The remainder of the timer will electrify your kids without hesitation. Also, have a prize prepared for all the hard work. 

8. Hold Car Wash Days

This is a pleasant way to keep your kids active. Park your vehicle in the driveway and let the kids give it a decent wash with a bucket of water and sponges. If you don’t mind getting wet yourself, get a garden hose, and take part in the fun. 

9. Find Activity clubs

Help Your Kids Remain Active This Holiday

Activity clubs are an effortless way to ensure your kids stay active regularly throughout this holiday. Have a look in your local area and find out what might interest them. Besides, clubs like football, tennis, swimming, or cycling are brilliant ways to encourage exercise without your kids realizing that they are doing it. It’s a lot of fun. They would absolutely love to do it. 

10. Make a Bird Feeder

This is a wonderful method to assist our feathered friends while showing the kids various birds in the area. Some websites will give you a vast amount of information regarding how to make simple, cheap bird feeders. Remember to put a bowl of water out. Also, remind the kids to continue topping and changing the water. 

11. Get Your Kids Cooking

You don’t have to pull out your recipe books or cut onions to prepare a dinner with kids. Cooking offers a scope of choices from mixing baking items (cookies, and a couple of basic recipes you find online to get them started) to teaching them how to butter a slice of bread, cut soft fruit like a banana with a non-sharp knife, etc. Expect a mess and lots of fun at the end of the exercise though!

12. Ensure Family Time

Go on an adventure, visiting relatives, have fun in your back garden. This is most important because it helps the parent to reach the heart of the child. And also, it gives the opportunity to see the effect of other activities the child is engaged in.

13. Enroll Them in Summer school

Summer school is a superb way to help your kids remain active this holiday. It offers the chance for a child to familiarize him or herself with a new subject while the school is closed. Moreover, not all schools offer every course your child has an interest in. Going to summer classes lets students find courses that interest them. Also, summer school gives your kids a better chance of having a successful school year.

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