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Healthy Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A New Parent

by | Love

Feb 5, 2024

The arrival of a new baby brings endless joy but also many changes and challenges for new parents. With sleepless nights, feedings every few hours, and less alone time as a couple, celebrating holidays like Valentine’s Day can look very different after having a baby. However, with some planning and creativity, you can still make Valentine’s Day special while maintaining your new parental roles and responsibilities. 

This article will provide tips for celebrating in fun but low-key ways that work with your new family dynamic.

Plan A Relaxing Evening At Home

After the nonstop feeding, diapering, and sleepless nights that come with caring for a newborn, new parents are often desperate for rest and quality time together. 

Planning a relaxing night after the baby falls asleep allows stressed parents to unwind. Cooking a simple pasta dinner together, lighting a few candles, and putting on some soft music create a peaceful ambiance. 

Exchange heartfelt cards expressing how grateful you are for each other’s love and support during this challenging but amazing new chapter. Then, cuddle up on the couch with a warm blanket and watch a favorite show. 

Having that quiet downtime to connect without distractions can feel like the greatest luxury. You may also avail of a flower delivery Valentine’s Day promo from certain shops, which will also make you feel the intimacy of the occasion.

Make Time For A Romantic Activity

It’s easy for new parents to become immersed in baby care and neglect their romantic connection. Hiring a babysitter for a couple of hours allows you to nurture your relationship. 

Get dressed up and go see a romantic comedy, take a stroll downtown while holding hands, or visit a museum exhibit you’ve both been wanting to see. Even a short time alone to talk and laugh together can rekindle intimacy. 

Driving around looking at holiday lights with the radio playing favorite songs creates a festive mood. The activity doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just being together helps you reconnect.

Exchange Thoughtful Gifts

Store-bought flowers and other typical Valentine’s gifts often feel meaningless when you’re short on time, sleep, and money, like most new parents. Focus on exchanging heartfelt, homemade gifts instead. Write loving notes detailing your favorite memories as a couple and hopes for the future. 

Make coupons for a night off from diaper duty, breakfast in bed, or foot massages. Frame one of the first family photos you took in the hospital. These personal touches hold more significance than anything money can buy.

Have A Midday Snack Date

If hiring a sitter for the whole evening feels overwhelming, have a special snack date while the baby naps. Make heart-shaped sandwiches, slice up some cheese and fruit, open a bottle of wine, and relax together. 

Remember when you first met, funny moments from your wedding or honeymoon, and how your relationship has grown. Discuss dreams for future anniversaries and family trips. Even a half hour of focused time nourishing your emotional bond can leave you feeling closer.

Let Friends And Family Help Out

Don’t be afraid to ask grandparents, close friends, or trusted neighbors to watch the baby for a couple of hours so you can enjoy a couple of times on Valentine’s Day. Most loved ones are eager to help new parents and give you a much-needed break. 

Offer to return the favor by watching their kids another night. Sharing the gift of babysitting with other parents is a great option, too. Say yes to any assistance offered so you can relax and focus on each other without distractions.

Focus On Love, Not Gifts

With limited time and energy, it’s easy for new parents to stress about creating the perfect Valentine’s Day. But romantic gifts and elaborate dates aren’t what matters most. Small expressions of love have a greater impact. Cook your partner’s favorite meal, give each other massages, and cuddle up watching a romantic comedy once the baby falls asleep. 

Exchange heartfelt cards first thing in the morning. Doing a fun craft like decorating frames for family photos also enables quality time together. Don’t worry about recreating the Valentine’s Days of your youth. Just cherish simple moments of connection.

Have A Picnic Lunch Date

If you have older children at home, getting a sitter to watch the baby provides an opportunity for a special afternoon date. Pack a picnic lunch of finger sandwiches, fruit, cheese, and chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Head to a scenic park to soak up some sunshine and privacy while the kids are at school. Spread out a blanket on a grassy hill and relax together, forgetting about diapers and feedings for a bit. The fresh air and change of scenery make for a peaceful, rejuvenating date.

Make Breakfast In Bed

Let your exhausted partner sleep in while you make a loving Valentine’s Day breakfast in bed. Cook their favorite pancakes or omelet and serve with fresh fruit, pastries, and a mimosa. Include a homemade card listing all the reasons you love them. 

Hand-delivering breakfast enables you to enjoy their reaction. Kiss them awake if needed! This act of service sets a warm, romantic tone for the rest of your special day together as a family.


Valentine’s Day with a new baby may look different, but can still be celebrated in meaningful ways. Focusing on quality time together, exchanging heartfelt gifts and cards, relying on help from loved ones, and keeping plans low-key and flexible will allow you to honor your relationship while adjusting to life’s new rhythms. 

Remember, your love and appreciation for each other as partners and parents are the most important gifts.

By Whatsdalatest Editors

The Whatsdalatest Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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