Easy Ways To Avoid Infidelity In Your Relationship

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Apr 18, 2020

Avoiding Infidelity In your relationship can be challenging at times. In 2018 alone, there were about 780,000 divorces conducted in the United States according to Statista. Statistics have shown that infidelity in relationships is the most common cause of a breakup. Plus, technology has made cheating so easy these days just like ordering a pizza.

Some researchers estimate that between 50 and 75 percent of people have at some time been unfaithful. Marriage researcher Zelda West-Meads says that although much infidelity goes undetected, “all the evidence points to affairs being on the increase.”

16 Ways To Avoid Infidelity In Your Relationship


1. Avoid lying to your Partner

One lie can lead to 100 more lies. Because, whenever you lie, you have to project more lies to support the same. But when you tell the truth all the time, you don’t have to remember anything. Any distortion of truth that you’ve convinced yourself of is better for the relationship. Lies are signs of infidelity in your relationship.

2. Be honest with one another

When you get used to lying to your partner, about anything, it makes it much easier to cheat. But when you are always honest, your mind is always far from cheating.

3. Avoid the use of dating apps

Dating apps and other online dating services can be addictive. You don’t need any of that if you’re in a relationship, so why keep them anyway when you’re no longer single. Delete them. By doing so, you avoid any temptation that can lead to infidelity.

4. Try new things

The mind tends to drift away when you’re bored or when you get used to the same routine. This makes them want to try out new things. So trying out new things and ideas you’ve never done before, like taking things to a new level in bed with someone you already know intimately, can be infinitely more rewarding than starting all over with someone new.

5. Understand your partner

Understanding your partner can help avoid infidelity in your relationship. Both of you guys used to have separate lives, at one point before you guys met. So both of you may likely have gone through a lot in life. Even while together, your partner may have all kinds of secret thoughts and feelings, and they probably don’t tell you, or possibly anyone. In cases like this, you should encourage honesty with a lot of compassion and no judgment. 

Furthermore, try to find out the things about your partner that no one else knows. Use that information to be on the inside, every day in terms of their experiences in the relationship. Know things their family or friends don’t even know. This knowledge makes you valuable in a way few others can replicate.

6. Stay intimate in other ways

Physical contact in a strong relationship involves more than just sex and should include things like stroking hair, massaging, holding hands, and little touches here and there even just as you pass by.

This is almost like wiring yourselves to each other’s biology, learning to seek out and respond to one another instead of looking elsewhere.

7. Don’t compete with one another

A relationship is not a competition. If you see your partner flirting with other people, don’t try to outdo them. instead, tell them how you feel. Make your stance clear, your partner wouldn’t want to hurt you intentionally. Long-term relationships last when they are built on friendship, respect, realistic expectations, shared interests, and humor.

8. Avoid drinking too much around people you are attracted to

Drinking too much is a slippery slope to a pool of regret. Avoid putting yourself in a situation where people have famously made big mistakes time and again. Prevention is better than cure. Alcohol reduces self-consciousness. We all know this. Above all, a person who is intoxicated will often do things that are completely out of character. Therefore, don’t get drunk and thereby remove the natural inhibitions that would prevent infidelity. Many illicit relationships begin when alcoholic beverages are being consumed.

9. Take your partner with you to places

If you’re going to a party or any situation that poses a slight threat to your relationship, bring your partner along. They’ll feel included and desired, which is good for your relationship, and other people will know you’re in a relationship and they’ll back off. Also, you’re less likely to do anything stupid.

10. Remember what brought you guys in the first place

Always think of what sparked up the relationship when you guys first met, why you love your partner and what they mean to you. Also, think logically about whether hooking up with someone else for one night is worth the possibility of losing what could be years of happiness. 

11. Learn to have self-control

Be firm with decisions, let your yes means yes and your no means no. Avoiding infidelity in your relationship can be very difficult if you have no self-control. However, it’s 100 percent possible if you work hard on it. Start with small ways of disciplining yourself then work your way up, and you’ll be much better equipped to handle it. Never say but when rejecting someone’s advances

12. Let go of your exes

Delete the number of your ex or exes who message you, or who you used to message, late at night. You’re allowed to be friends with your exes, but if they keep asking you to come out for a drink, delete and block them. Don’t get too attached. Remember why you are no longer in the relationship. If things are glowing between you guys, you’d still be with them.

13. Don’t hide your relationship

You don’t have to be annoying about it, but you should feel comfortable with splashing your relationship over social media and bringing your partner up in conversation when they’re not there. When people see that, they will get the sign that you’re not looking for temptation. If you’re married, wearing your wedding ring can also help give people a heads up about your relationship status.

14. Figure out why you want to cheat

Feeling tempted to cheat in the first place could be indicative of something gone wrong in your relationship. Take a step back and figure out what’s missing, and don’t forget to communicate it to your partner. No matter how many excuses you can come up with, you’re the only one in control of your actions and decisions. Avoiding infidelity in your relationship is your primary responsibility.

15. Make plans for the future

When you get into a routine of making short- and long-term plans with your partner, you’ll have more at stake and more to engage with when you’re faced with potential infidelity. follow-through is also very important after making plans. Always discuss these plans, and find ways to put it into action.

16. Never stop trying

To sum it up, keep trying. Never feel so confident that you are in a solid position. temptations happen all the time. Especially, at work, when you’re with friends and in other places as well. Be determined. Work hard so as to avoid infidelity in your relationship.

Benefits of being faithful 

1. You have peace of mind

If you ask anybody who has ever cheated how they benefited from the affair, trust me they will tell you there are no benefits. In contrast,  they end up being stressed and lacking peace of mind. Being faithful gives you peace of mind because you don’t have anything to feel guilty about and your focus is only on your partner and nobody else.

2. It incites your partner to be faithful

Whenever you are faithful, it also gives your partner a good reason to be as well. Your partner won’t think of cheating. In being faithful to your partner, you’re also challenging them to be loyal to you and avoid infidelity in the relationship.

3. You protect yourself and your partner from sexually transmitted diseases.

If you cheat outside your marriage, you risk getting an STD and infecting your spouse. To avoid this, stay faithful to your partner. Avoid any cause for infidelity. That way, both of you will be in good health.

4. You gain respect

If you are unfaithful to your spouse, there is definitely no way you can gain their respect. Even people outside who know about this will think cheaply of you. When you are faithful you gain respect not only from your partner but also from people around you.

5. An incomparable sex life

Being faithful to your partner is likely to improve the bond between the two of you. However, if your partner knows that you are being unfaithful, this will affect your sex life. You can’t even share the same room anymore. In addition, both of you will be very distant from each other. Is that what you want? I certainly think not.

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