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10 Best Selfie Poses for Girls and Guys

by | Ideas

Jan 7, 2023

Your pose will determine the outcome of your selfie. But a pose isn’t just a ‘pose.’ It is more. It is the setting of the picture itself, the story behind your posture and facial expressions. In this article, we will be looking in depth at the ten best selfie poses to give off that vibe you want in a picture and why you should try them out.

1. Mirror Selfies

10 Best Selfie Poses for Girls and Guys

Taking a selfie before a mirror has been a trend in the fashion world for a couple of years now. Check out your favorite Instagram selfie taker, and I can bet you will find a mirror selfie somewhere in the gallery. 

The reason is simple, mirror selfies are hot, and you can assume a number of positions when you take them. 

For a more confident look, stand erect and face the mirror. If you are going to be hot and sexy, you can bend your hips a bit so that they curve out. 

2. Look Away Selfies

Look Away Selfies

This is better when there is a light source on your face. Most look-away selfies I have seen give this confident yet timid look—a perfect blend of emotion that viewers love very much. 

You can take it standing or sitting. 

Hold your camera at the level of, or just slightly above, your head. Make sure you do not show your whole body. Now, look away and take a snapshot. 

Take as many as you want to and make the edits you want to make. 

These selfies will look better if you have a great jawline or keep a beard. For women, at least the many I have seen, it goes well for every shape and style. 

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3. Aerial Selfie

Best selfie poses

This was more common when selfie sticks were really used, and they are the perfect kind of selfies to take when you are having so much fun. 

Most of the aerial selfies I have seen were either taken during vacations or some partying. 

You will need a selfie stick for this one. If you don’t have one, then maybe you should just rely on the length of your arms. Longer arms; better selfie. 

Raise the phone as high as you want; if you want to, and I suggest you should, you can have your entire body show. Choose whether or not to look into the camera or not. Now, flick. 

Look! You have got a perfect picture right there, haven’t you? 

4. Full Smile Facing the Camera

Full smile selfie

This is such a great selfie pose if you intend to show your audience how much fun you are having. I have never seen a full-smile selfie I did not like. You just have to do it right. 

To take this selfie, angle your phone at the better side of your face. 

If you read out the previous article on how to take a good selfie, then you must know that we all have our peculiar facial symmetry. This means one side of our face may look better in pictures than the other. 

Look at the camera, and spread your face into a smile. Looks good, doesn’t it? 

5. The Goofy Selfie

The Goofy Selfie

This is another selfie I really like because it gets me in the mood to truly enjoy my day. 

You look at the camera, obviously, but unlike the full smile selfie, you make yourself look goofy like you are having a lot of fun.

We all have our goofy faces, and you should try to know what yours looks like. Practice your goofy face in front of the mirror for a while, and then take it behind your camera. Flick. 

There, your perfect selfie.

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6. No Face

This is one of the best selfie poses that can work in many positions, but the point behind it is hiding your face. I have come to see that pictures where the person’s face is hidden carry a lot of suspense. 

If you are standing before a mirror, you can cover your face with your hands. Or just raise your phone to your face. 

If you are just facing the camera directly (there is no mirror), covering your face with your hands is the coolest you can get. 

Become more creative. Don’t cover the entire face; make room for a smile.

7. Sitting Pretty/Confident

This can work before a mirror and when there is no mirror. Guys, get a stool and sit confidently before a mirror. Now, put your phone in front of you and take your picture. 

It will look much better if you have some official clothes on, say a suit or a shirt and a tie. 

Girls will look great as well if they have some official clothes on. Just sit pretty, and I mean very pretty.

If you do not have a mirror, then a selfie stick will suffice; just be sure to have all the features you want to see appear in the picture. 

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8. Upper Body Forward, Leg Raised

This is a perfect selfie pose for women and will surely look best when you are dressed casually. The picture has to look goofy. 

Assume this pose by first standing erect. Now, move your upper body a bit forward, making sure your legs stay in place. This will accentuate the curve of your butt and hips. 

But even more, raising your leg will accentuate those. Raise your leg to a 90-degree angle at the knee area.

A mirror will come in handy. But if there is none, a selfie stick will help. 

9. Two Fingers in the Air

Selfie Poses for Girls and Guys

You definitely need a selfie stick for this, and you need to be as goofy as you can get. 

Raise one arm in the air and have two fingers facing the camera. Flick, and boom, you have a great-looking selfie. Capture as many of these selfie poses as you want.

10. Selfie Underwater

A selfie underwater is one of the best there is. You just need a phone that is water-resistant. Dive in the water, find the perfect angle that suits your face, and tap. 

You have the perfect selfie now. 

Selfie poses are generally decided by the vibe you want the picture to give off. 

By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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