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15 Best Love and Romance Blogs to Follow

by | Ideas, Love

Dec 11, 2022

We have made a list of the best love and romance blogs on the internet for you to follow. Expect to see marked improvements in your love life when you begin to follow them.

These are the leading sources of information on love, romance, dating, and more. So whether you’re just starting to date or just someone who has been in a committed relationship for a long time or married, be sure to add these romance blogs to your reading list!

1. Whatsdalatest

This is one of the most engaging live and romance blogs on the internet right now. Whatsdalatest posts incorporate the use of fine storytelling to pass information—the editors ensure that everything that appears on the blog is fact-checked and proofread for errors.

The blog itself has a friendly, simple interface. Somehow, it qualifies as a sex blog as well. Their guide to better sex takes a more scientific than romance approach, as one of their writers is a medic and relationship expert. 

You can become part of their monthly email subscribers and receive information about love and about the blog itself.

So if your goal is to stay up-to-date on love advice and sex tips but don’t want to miss out on other aspects of lifestyle, Whatsdalatest.com is the perfect blog for you.

2. YourTango

One of the most popular romance and dating blogs out there, YourTango is a go-to source for love advice and dating tips.

YourTango describes itself to be: “A purpose-driven publisher focused on love, relationships, emotional wellness, and self-empowerment.” 

Quite frankly, they sure live up to the claim. 

On YourTango, you will find some of the most amazing posts to deepen the love and affection between you and your partner. 

Bear in mind as you scroll that every post here goes through a tough editorial process that includes fact-checking and proofreading. 

We believe you will be especially drawn to the easy yet artistic use of language. 

There is a column on the website that discusses sexuality and sex, making YourTango not only a romance blog but a sex blog as well. I would advise that you and your other half become readers of YourTango.

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3. Cosmopolitan

I like to describe Cosmopolitan as the romance version of Forbes, not only because they both look similar at first glance but because both blogs show a similarity in style and use of language.

Cosmopolitan is one of the top romance blogs out here and a must-read for you and your spouse. They put up posts that explore love, sex, romance, and even misunderstandings between couples. 

Everything here is fact-checked, and more often than not, posts on Cosmopolitan, like those on Whatsdalatest, contain expert opinions and links to research. 

This is one area where Cosmopolitan is ahead of other love and romance blogs. The research put up here is up to date, many times conducted by relationship institutions. 

4. Paired Life

One thing that blows your mind as soon as you log onto Paired Life: is the stunning interface. Not just stunning, but it is fast and responsive as well. 

Paired Life prides itself on publishing articles and posts that explore love and romance, sex, and friendships. 

The columns on the blog are physical intimacy, dating, friendships, social skills and etiquette, relationships, compatibility, love, breakups, and sexuality. 

I am particularly in love with their ideas about dating. And most people, if not all, will find their ideas about compatibility to be very helpful. 

Single people can also get the best out of Paired Life. They have a column for single people. 

5. LovePanky

No doubt, among the most real and most relatable love and romance blogs, there are. The tagline of this blog is one I find very astonishing. You know you are in for a treat when you read the words: The guide to better love and relationships.

LovePanky is sure to make you somewhat addicted to it. The posts are all fact-checked and proofread for errors. Even better, they are written in the most astonishing language. 

Often, posts appearing here feature expert opinions and ideas. There are also some links to research. 

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6. Hack Spirit

If I were to describe Hack Spirit in only a few words, I would say that hack spirit is a practical blog. Everything appearing here can be tried out, and you can be sure they’ll be good results soon afterward. 

Hack Spirit has sold over two thousand books and has a monthly reader count of more than 2.5 million people. 

Hack Spirits put up posts surrounding basically anything that can give you a healthy love life and a healthy mind. There are articles exploring sex; there are ones that explore the mind and the effect of mediation on you. 

It is sure to be the perfect slow ride into romantic bliss. 

7. Love Strategies

This is a women’s blog typically, but even men can get the best out of it. 

Love Strategies acknowledge that they are out to: “Help women who are lost when it comes to love.” 

Here, for sure, you will get most of the help you will ever need in love and romance.

Love Strategies aims to change your mindset about love and romance, so in response to this, you attract people who will genuinely love you. 

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8. The Feminine Woman

This is also a blog for women. I was particularly drawn to the responsive interface and the overall aesthetic of the blog.  

This blog shows women all they need to know about love and sex. It teaches women to become more valuable in the eyes of men, practically. 

There are more than 300 articles on the Feminine woman, and we are sure if you stick around enough, you will find the perfect one that makes you want to stick around for a while longer on the blog. 

9. Thought Catalog

My guess is you have come across this blog at least once or twice. It is a popular one, and one you can trust only puts out only fact-checked properly written content. 

Most of the posts put out here are so properly written you are likely to think about them throughout the course of the day. This means, for long hours after you have read them. 

10. Bolde

This is another perfect love blog for women, although guys can also benefit from it—as the posts here can help guys understand their women better. 

Bolde has an interface you are sure to appreciate. And for sure, you will find answers to your questions about love, sex, and life in general. 

What’s better, there are also posts about fashion and style as well. 

11. Men’s Health

This is an all-around blog for men. Basically, everything about Men’s Health is discussed here, even love and romance. 

I have found some of the best and most practical dating and sex tips on this blog. The articles are properly written, and you can tell from even the first glance that editors took their time scrutinizing and working on them. 

Men’s Health has a great user interface; it is by far one of the most responsive dating blogs mentioned here. 

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12. WikiHow

Everyone knows WikiHow. The massive online library for ‘How to. 

WikiHow is a great love and dating blog substitute if you know your way around it. They put up posts about anything from love to sex to how-tos. Even posts that help you deal with the misunderstandings you may be having in your relationship. 

What strikes me the most about Wikihow is how actionable their posts are. You can literally try each one out and see results that blow your mind.

13. Manintelligence

Manintelligence is one of the best love advice blogs to follow if you want to become a better, more intelligent man regarding love and romance.

It is basically a dating blog for men, although women can benefit from it as well. 

The blog is well-arranged and planned. The interface is smooth, and the writing here, all of it, is done in easy language that has been properly proofread for errors. 

Maninteligence is out to help men become the best versions of themselves in all their relationships and friendships. 

It teaches men to get the best out of love and dating, and sex.

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14. StyleCraze

In many ways, this can both be considered an all-around blog and a dating blog. StyleCraze is the blog you go to when you need to read posts that will change your mind about dating and love. 

I find this blog particularly addictive because the tone of their writing is a perfect blend of playful and formal. Something similar to what you find on Whatsdalatest. 

Their posts are also very actionable, very properly proofread, and edited. You will enjoy every minute you spend on this blog.

15. Herway

Herway is a lifestyle and dating blog for women. Though there is a column kept aside for men. This column for men shows men ways to seduce women and improve their sex lives. 

Posts on Herway are very properly written. There is a lot of reference to psychology here, as links from experts as well. 

You will especially love this blog if you are into zodiac signs and the effect these signs have on love and dating. 


No one knows from birth how to perfectly navigate their way through romance and dating. It is all a learning process, and the blogs listed above are sure to help you get meaningful insights into sex, romance, dating, and love.

By Whatsdalatest Editors

The Whatsdalatest Team covers everything from relationships to lifestyle to parenting and more. Its team of experts provides in-depth analysis that helps you understand complex topics on relationships.

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