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30 Best Girlfriend and Boyfriend Quotes to Renew Your Love Life


These 30 quotes will renew your love life and deepen the connection between you and your spouse.

It is never too early or very late to rekindle your love life. The sooner you remind yourself of these inspiring quotes; the easier everything will be and the more your chances of renewing your love life.

Here are our top girlfriend and boyfriend quotes to renew your love life.

1. When things get tough in your relationship, it is proof that you both have worked your way up to a hilly point, not proof that you both are failing. The higher you climb, the tougher things get. 

2. The worst thing to do, is assume anything and project it on your partner. Whenever you feel tempted to assume, remember that it is always best to talk to your partner. 

3. The butterflies may not always be there. But pure love stays through it all; whether or not things feel cute and cheesy, it just lingers. The butterflies always return if the love does not leave. 

4. Whether or not you feel like it, you have to make a conscious effort to be there for your partner. Stick to them through it all, and the love between you both is going to deepen. 

5. Love feels better when it flows out of you. The best way to feel love is to give love; the love you give first heals you before it heals another.

6. Nothing drowns a relationship more than fear. You should not be afraid that your partner will harm you or break your trust. True love is trusting and freeing. 

7. It is true that you will always find what you seek. If you seek goodness in your relationship, you will find it. So, do not focus on the bad that has happened. Let the past go. 

8. It is easier to trust another when you prove to yourself that you are trustworthy. Be true to your partner, and you will find that it will become easier to trust them

9. When it gets hard, look at how far you both have come and accept the truth that you can go even further. You have come a long way. 

10. Love comes at us in different ways, wearing different faces. Your love isn’t the same as the one you find on TikTok. It is yours. Mould it into what you want to see. 

11. Intentionality is what makes relationships work. Every day, you have to be intentional about your relationship. You have to decide to be kind, no matter what. 

12. Be true to yourself and your partner; that way, the universe will be true to you both. The world loves to love and will support people who decide to love wholeheartedly. 

13. The universe listens to your feelings. If you harbor negative feelings about your relationship, you will begin to view that relationship in a negative light. If, however, you harbor positive feelings, you will feel positive things about your relationship.

14. Only pride is able to stand against true love. There is no pride in love. 

15. It does not hurt to be vulnerable. In fact, there is no love without vulnerability. If you love someone, you have to be comfortable with them seeing the real you, no matter how embarrassing you feel it is. 

16. Be yourself. What you have is not true love if you can’t be yourself around your partner. Be yourself; that is happiness, that is peace, that is love. That is what it means to be in a healthy relationship

17. Healthy relationships also have fights. Fights happen when two people get to know each other. These fights help chip away every persona that must be chipped away if the relationship is to work out just fine. 

18. There come days when the world feels brightest for both of you, when rainbows remind you of your lover, and when there is peace in your heart. But these days come just after you decide to fix broken areas of your relationship. 

19. Trust is the greatest gift you can give yourself. And also the greatest gift you can give your partner. Trust relaxes you. It makes the world still and allows you to focus on all the good 

20. Hold hands more. Hug more. Smile more. Laugh more. Feel the world together. That is what really should be; good times shared, bad times crawled out together. 

21. Beautiful things happen when two people are true to each other and not scared of being hurt. Don’t be afraid. Be you. Let your partner be themselves as well. 


22. Control is an illusion. You should not fall into the trap of trying to control your partner. Understand that they are a real person and have control of themselves and their feelings. 

23. If you have to force it, then it did not happen out of love but out of control. Control is not “love.” Control is narcissistic.

24. Tell your partner, and often, how much they mean to you. This deepens affection and makes things easier for you, your partner, and the relationship itself. 

25. Do not go to bed mad at each other. Do not sweep misunderstandings out of the carpet. Do not say it is not your fault. It is both of your responsibility to fix things whenever they get broken. 

26. View your partner just the way you view yourself. He or she is an extension of you. You will never be purposefully mean to yourself, so do not be mean to your partner. 

27. You both are first friends before lovers, so do what friends do; come through for each other. Be there for each other. Love. 

28. Most times, love does not feel so much like love. It feels a lot harder. But one thing is for sure; love is the single most beautiful feeling in the world. 


29. When it gets hard, remember to smile more, focus more on the good you both share, and less on the bad. 

30. Love lasts forever if you let it. 

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Love isn’t what we like to think it to be. It is, in fact, ten times more beautiful. 

These girlfriend and boyfriend quotes are only some of the things you need to renew your love life. When you find something that sparks things up again, go along with it and rekindle your love with your partner!

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By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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