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10 Adventurous Things You Should Try In Bed

by | Love

Published on Sep 18, 2022

We’re never too old to try new adventurous things in bed and get the adrenaline flowing with our partner. But if you want to try a daring activity, it can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do.

The bed of lovers should never stop being a place of adventure. In bed, you both should always find ways to deepen intimacy and affection by trying out new things that have your hormones bubbling as pleasure shoots into you. 

Here are ten incredibly adventurous things you should try out with your partner in bed.

1. A Tantric Massage

Tantric massages have gotten progressively more common. You should definitely add this to your bed adventure. Basically, it involves massaging your partner in a way that harnesses their sexual energy—it is something like a normal message, but the difference is you have to put some focus on the eternal genital organs of your partner. 

When done properly, tantric massages come with a lot of benefits, like improved mood, better sex, and maybe even confidence in both the giver and the receiver of the massage. 

There should be no perpetual roles. No one has to be the constant giver or receiver. 

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2. Strip Teases

When in need of some adventure to try out in your bed, a strip tease can do no wrong. As the name suggests, it is a tease, and teases are just what is needed to make attraction peak. 

When next you are going to be intimate in bed, don’t just get right into it. Have some fun. Strip. 

For men, the most romantic thing to do is take off your towel slowly while your spouse watches. You can also touch yourself and have them watch.

For women, take off your clothes real slow while maintaining eye contact and calling to your partner with very arousing and sexual facial expressions.

3. Dances

One of the best adventures to pull off is to turn your bedroom into a strip club. Have you ever been to a strip club before? Everyone there seems high on some hormone-induced sexuality. Simply put, they don’t just care what happens—the men cheer like it’s no man’s business (and it is not), and the women do the same. 

That is the exact kind of energy you want in your bedroom. Just this time, it doesn’t have to be so professional. You both can do the dances together, or you can go one at a time. Be careful not to make things seem weird so that your partner does not feel horrible. That means no laughing. 

It has to be a comfortable place. 

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4. Drunk Sex

We see this in the movies all the time. But does it really feel that great? Well, yes. The essence of all adventure is to tap into your inert wildness and freedom. We, humans, want to be free, at least free enough to express our sexuality, without our morals or belief systems pulling us back. This is where some wine comes in. 

We are not advocating that you become a heavy drinker, always relying on alcohol to make sex feel better. No. In fact, we advise you to try this only once in six months. It gives a thrill, yes, but we don’t want you risking your health for a thrill. 

5. Oral Sex

Ladies, you have really got to learn how to give a blowjob. It is fairly easy. Just pay attention and don’t hurt his balls or his shaft. And don’t forget to be creative.

Men! You guys aren’t left out too. You really have got to learn to give good head as well. The rules are simple: Don’t even bite at all. The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings. That means you have got to be careful. 

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6. Spanking

Spanking is a great way to test the waters of BDSM—aspects of sex that involve dominance, submission, and control. Some couples love BDSM; others don’t. But you don’t know for sure where you start until you try something. Start with gentle spanks. 

The idea behind spanks is that it makes things really intense. First, the woman does not know when the spanks will come. It makes her feel some kind of anxiety, which may be good for sex. 

Also, it is possible that pain can result in pressure. The nerves that carry pain synapse in areas adjacent to those nerves carrying the sensation of pleasure. 

So, pain can trigger pleasure, or at least heighten it—just as so much pleasure can translate as pain. 


7. Record Yourselves

Maybe it is time to do it like in the movies in your own bedroom. Remember that, in your bedroom, you both can become anything you want to become. 

Set the phone down and record yourselves having sex. It gives some thrill and also offers you something to laugh and bond over when the sex is done. Of course, when you both lie there and watch, there is going to be something to laugh about. 

Before making a sex tape with anyone, be sure you trust them enough to keep things cool even when you both are not together anymore. 

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8. Cosplay

Maybe you can add a bit of drama to your sex lives by adding some cosplays. Cosplays are common in real life. Thousands of erotic searches include those words. This suggests that many people do want to see what it looks like and, eventually, try it out. 

Have a talk with your partner about whether or not they’re in for stuff like that. If it is a yes, then just go right ahead and try.


Now, this is where it all gets hard for some. To pull this one off, you have to be pretty bold and daring, and you have to communicate with your partner about whether or not they are going to like it. 


Go gently!

10. Try Different Styles

There are different sex positions you can try in bed. Mix it up a bit and be creative.

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The bedroom of lovers should never run out of fun and adventure. You both always have to find ways to spice things up and express your sexuality.  

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By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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