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8 Ways To Make Your Skin Glow From The Inside Out


If you ever want to look good, the first thing you have to take care of is your skin. The skin brings out our color, beauty, and health to view. It’s a crucial organ that is mostly affected by sun, stress, diet, or environment. Some people think that your skin brightens when you use body lotion or cream, yeah it does help, but true body radiance doesn’t come from there.

For your body to glow, you don’t necessarily need those; you just need to take care of your body cause your skin reflects your state of health. There are many ways to make your skin glow from the inside out, but these are the ones I personally refer to.

1. Taking Collagen Supplement

Being one of the major building blocks of bones, skin, muscles, tendons, and ligament makes it crucial that there’s a sufficient amount of it in the body. It prevents sagging or wrinkling of the skin.

According to studies, supplemental collagen may help improve skin texture and muscle mass, as well as reduce osteoarthritis pain’. Food sources of collagen include citrus fruits, egg whites, cabbages, pork skin, and cocoa powder (1)

Vitamin C is one of the nutrients that supply a large amount of collagen. The two commonly used collagen supplements are hydrolyzed collagen (collagen hydro state) and gelatin (cooked collagen). So if you want to maintain radiant skin, make sure your body has a sufficient amount of collagen to keep it fresh.

2. Regular Workouts

Increasing blood pressure accelerates blood and oxygen circulation around the body organs, including the skin, renewing the skin cells, and making them fresh. Workouts also help the body to flush out waste products like free radicals from active cells. Regular exercises not only makes the body stronger it also keeps your skin well-toned. 

3. Always Stay Hydrated

As you probably know, drinking an adequate amount of water helps in keeping the body fresh. It flushes out the harmful toxin and wastes from the body, giving you healthy glowing skin. 

According to experts, the amount of water recommended for a man to drink a day is 3.7 liters, while for a woman, it is 2.7 liters (2). Drinking excessive amounts of water can also be harmful. Termed as overhydration, it leads to your body containing more fluid than your kidneys can flush out. It can lead to hyponatremia’. So be careful when drinking. Only take the amount sufficient for your body. Staying well hydrated will make your skin glow from the inside out.

4. Be careful of the food you eat

We can’t honestly say we want to improve our skin then go around eating junk foods. We should ensure our diet is full of superfoods and antioxidants. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps improve the skin. 

Foods that give your skin its glow are fatty fishes like salmon, mackerel and Herring, Avocados, walnut, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, red or yellow bell peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes, and many others. These foods have nutrients in them that helps the skin glow. So if you really want to have glowing skin, then mind the food you eat.

5. Stop Smoking

Smoking is hazardous to health, yet a large number of people do it. Chemicals found in tobacco smoke kills the collagen and elastin found in the skin. It makes your skin sag, looks older, and even causes hair loss. It’s better overall not to smoke or be around someone who does. It kills the body systems and skin.

6. Make sure to have enough sleep

Sleep is very important to our body. Everybody should get at least 8 hours of sleep. When you sleep, your body supplies more blood to the skin to flush and regenerate it properly. If you cut your sleep time, your skin won’t be able to repair itself, making it look old and wrinkled.

7. Moisturize your skin

The difference in seasons affects your skin, so you shouldn’t use the same type of moisturizer you used in winter for summer. During the winter season, your skin turns dry and cold, so you obviously need an intense moisturizer to keep it fresh. While in the summer season, you will need a light moisturizer containing sunscreen with an SPF to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays. 

8. Take Antioxidant Foods

Antioxidants help the body fight dangerous free radicals caused by the sun, environmental pollution, or an unhealthy diet. It helps our body look young and moist. The major antioxidants commonly found in foods are Vitamin A, C, and E. These vitamins and other antioxidants are found in foods such as watercress, papaya, blueberries, pomegranate seeds, avocado, and sweet potatoes.

There are many other different ways to make your skin glow from the inside out. You just have to make sure you find the right one that suits your skin.

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By Ezeoma Divine

Ezeoma Divine is a freelance writer whose interest in writing began early on since childhood. He covers lifestyles and health-related topics. Introverted in nature yet prefers the company of his few friends.

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