Making a girl fall in love with you fast is simple. Let’s say there is a girl you have fallen head over heels in love with. Despite all your efforts, she is not just that into you. You could be dating her already, but you sense that she is not getting your vibes yet or she is a potential date.

Furthermore, you believe you have given everything to make her fall in love with you, but it ended in a fiasco. She even decided to friend-zoned you.

I am going to give you some guidelines that are targeted at ensuring that you find out ways of making the girl truly yours. Definitely, you want her to have you running through her mind always, fantasizing about hooking up with you, creating memories together with you, more so, craving to have you all the time.

Don’t fret yet!

Let’s bring the water to boil.


2 Ways To Secure the attention of a girl.



1. Top notch hygiene

First impression matters a lot. Do not go out looking shabby and expect a girl to start drooling over you. It is very important to look neat to attract the attention of a girl in the first instance. Furthermore, look charming always. Dress properly, ensure to have a workout routine to keep you fit and healthy. Also, wear your favourite perfume  that smells great that will allure her to you.


2. Examine yourself


Before you start thinking of making a girl fall in love with you, ”man know thyself” this is a dictum by a great Philosopher known as Socrates. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you arrived yet?
  • Do you have or achieved any of your set goals?
  • Are you confident?
  • Can you handle responsibilities as a man?
  • Will you run at the first sign of trouble?
  • Do you have patience

If your answer to the majority of the questions I asked is ”No”, you have some self improvement to do. It is only after you have met certain requirements as a fully grown man that a girl would fall in love with you. Ofcourse, she is not going to do that with an infant.


7 ways to make a girl love fall in love with you fast


1. Be a gentleman


Play your chivalry side as a man in her life. Bring her flowers, open the car door for her, give her your jacket to wear on a cold evening when you are out together. Never do what will make her cry. Furthermore, do not be too tough on a girl, especially when you want her to fall in love with you. No matter the offence.

Also, the little things are what that matter most. Such as remembering her birthday. Let her feel celebrated. Get her gifts as a surprise. Each time she sees the gift she automatically begins to think of you. In addition, send her messages from time to time. Call her for no reason.


2. Listen to her


when she starts talking to you, patiently, listen to her, maintain eye contact to keep your mind from wandering elsewhere while the conversation is going on. Give her your full attention.

Communication is very vital to any girl you want to fall in love with you. Be the first person she shares her thoughts with, that way it gets easier for you to bond with her. If she is sharing her feeling of being vulnerable, empathise with her. This will make her see you as an understanding guy.

3. Compliment her

One of the easiest ways of making a girl fall in love with you is for you to compliment her, shower her with a lot of genuine compliments, never fake this as it may backfire. Also, notice when she makes a new hairstyle, wears something attractive, cooks a delicious meal for you, give her that compliment.


4. Public display of affection


You can create a mosaic of emotions that will get her all worked inside, this will make it desiring for her to want you by her side. Furthermore, Engage in public displays of affection like holding hands when walking together in public, you can also offer to give her a good massage. Before you know it she begins to reciprocate these to you too.


5. Be elusive


As a man do not make a girl feel like she is the ”all” of your existence. If you do that she begins to take you for granted after a while. So you have to switch your style of coming to her, at times be available for her becks and calls, at other times be unavailable. Consistency is the key here.

Furthermore, your unavailability at times is what will stimulate her into wanting you madly as you desire. It will not be fair to you if you are just the one doing the chasing alone. Also, when it happens both ways, that is the best. If you are chasing after her and she is chasing after you too. It is golden at this moment because she is obviously in love with you now.


6. Get in good books with the people she values


Every girl has a support system, these are people that she listens to a lot and they have the ability of influencing her thoughts and decisions. They are her family and friends. Besides, for you to be successful at making a girl fall in love with you, you should be able to make her family and friends see you as someone that has a good reputation and is responsible.

Moreover, if on the first visit to her family and you notice something you do not like about them, keep it to yourself. If you do not have anything good to say about someone, it is better to keep quiet about it.


7. Have a sense of humour 


Be the one that puts a smile on her face. Humour can be used to warm your way into her heart until she loses her grip then falls in love with you. Furthermore, try to crack a joke or two with her if you were able to make her laugh, that is a good one then. If you did not succeed right away, you can always try again. Thus, the goal is to endeavour to use humor while with her to make her enjoy your company and not for you to become a comedian. Besides, that will make most girls fall in love with you real fast.


On a final note

Making a girl fall in love with you is easy. It depends on how you play your card. Play it right, and you will get the girl of your dreams. Furthermore, be optimistic about life. Negativity gets you nowhere. It is all about being able to make yourself happy, love your first self, if truly you want a girl to love you.

Love comes to those who believe. That is a line from one of the songs of Celine Dion.


Best of luck!



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