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7 Beneficial Foods For Men’s Health And Longevity (And Foods to Avoid)

by | Health & Wellness

Last updated Feb 19, 2022 | Published on Jun 3, 2020

Although genetics plays a significant role in your general wellbeing, what you eat also plays a huge role in the hazard levels for potential infections and medical problems later on. If your goal is to stay healthy with age, then you need to make sure you are getting all the necessary nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, and calories in your diet. In this article, you are going to learn more about some of the highly nutritious foods that are beneficial for men’s health and longevity.

The American Dietetic Association has advised that men should have a slightly different diet to that of their female counterparts because of their muscular structure. Incorporating fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, unsaturated fats, and whole grains ensures optimum health. 

Eating a meat and protein diet alone isn’t the best way for men to stay healthy, even though both foods can be imputed into a healthy diet

Many men only pay attention to their protein foods and less to other options like veggies and fiber-rich foods. Not that protein is not good, but to boost good health, men need more than protein 

Here are the 7 beneficial foods for men’s health and longevity to help you stay healthy with age.

1. Blueberries (DNA Repair)

Blueberries contain intense antioxidants that help counter the DNA harm that adds to the improvement of cancer.  

Apart from their anti-cancer use, blueberries are probably the best food to eat to help keep your memory and thinking aptitudes intact. Besides, a cup of berries supplies around 4 grams of much-required fiber 

2. Plain Greek Yogurt (High BP Suppressant)

Secondly, at some point, they added yogurt to the DASH dietary plan as it was noticed to empower a 30% lower risk of high blood pressure.  

A healthy intake of yogurt should comprise either fruits, vegetables, or whole grains. 

We should note that in the examination, yogurt eaters had more beneficial weight control plans and were at that point having fewer red/processed meats and sweet drinks. Since yogurt helps lower blood pressure, scientists propose it likely gives added advantages to your health plan.  

3. Nuts

Thirdly, adding two bunches of nuts to your daily feeding plan may help improve your sexual abilities, as indicated by Spanish scientists.  

In the examination, nut eaters detailed better climaxes and more active sexual drive in contrast to those following the normal American eating routine, which is a lot lower in nuts.  

Other research found that nuts improve sperm quality, which may help boost fertility. In the two cases, the sort of healthy fat and top cell reinforcement levels in nuts are thought to give these advantages.  

4. Avocado (Weight Watch)

Regardless of being high in fat and calories, avocados may assist you with watching your weight. As indicated by an ongoing report, avocado eaters that were of regular weight, in the beginning, reduced weight over 11-years. This contrasts with the ones who did not incorporate avocadoes in their meal plan.  

The very healthy fat and fiber in avocados make them a significant addition to a meal. It has also been proven that avocadoes help curb cravings which could mean better glucose control.  

5. Spinach

Every healthy vegetable is beneficial for you; however, spinach has a milder flavor which may make it all the easier to ingest. Spinach is rich in carotenoids, including beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin.  

Research shows that incorporating this veggie may discourage any form of malignant growth from taking place or advancing.  

6. Edamame

A cup of edamame in its pod supplies 11 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and various supplements, including magnesium, folate, iron, and potassium. This prevents the danger of prostate cancer growth in men.  

This malignancy is the second most diagnosed cancer among men, and an ongoing meta-examination found that soy food, like edamame, may lower the danger of getting this disease.  

7. Salmon

The omega-3s in salmon help lower the danger of coronary illness. Salmon and different kinds of seafood are additionally wealthy in lean protein.  

By deciding to eat fish two times per week, you’re not just scoring useful omega-3s, iron, and zinc. You are additionally constraining uncommon sorts of less restorative protein, similar to red meat and prepared meats, that folks would normally opt for.   

But, equally important for men, is that they should avoid certain foods that are potentially harmful to their health.

Which Foods Should Men Avoid? 

Moreover, besides our list of beneficial foods for men’s health and longevity, it is imperative to feature the nourishments and beverages that, when devoured regularly, can add to medical issues.  Here are four foods and drinks men should eat or drink with some restraint. 

1. Margarine

Margarine is high in calories and highly concentrated in fat and ought to be enjoyed with some restraint. Importantly, It is ideal to eat it with a blend of heart-solid fats like olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, and greasy fish. 


2. Red and Processed Meat

Many examinations have connected a high intake of this nourishment to a higher danger of Type 2 diabetes, malignant growth, and coronary illness. On the off chance that you eat red meat, consider eating it less frequently and focus on smaller bit sizes. 

3. Sweets and Sweetened Drinks

Extravagant measures of sugar can cause inflammation, which can lead to coronary illness and different ailments. Therefore, men should focus on eating below 36 grams of sugar each day. 

4. Refined grains

In contrast to whole grains, these grains are deprived of necessary fiber and the full range of supplements found in whole grains. Moreover, studies on coronary illness and Type 2 diabetes propose that supplanting refined grains with whole grains brings down your risk for these diseases. 

5. Alcohol

Lastly, we define excessive drinking for men as regularly consuming over 15 drinks per week or tossing back over 5 drinks in a two-hour sitting. Most importantly, overdoing it exposes men to a higher risk of injuries and death and a higher risk of cancer. 

Above all, it is likewise connected with male barrenness, so there are loads of excellent motivations to keep your drinking to a bare minimum. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, these beneficial foods for men’s health and longevity listed here will help you as a man to maintain a healthy weight, drastically reduce your risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health and wellness.

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By Grace Obisesan

Obisesan Grace is a freelance writer. She has worked as a reporter for a magazine firm called Ijebu Flavors and as a content creator with Jetheight Services. Obisesan is obsessed with creativity, and she likes to spend her free time learning how to improve her skills. She enjoys watching Sci-Fi and action movies, reading numerous fictional works, writing poetry, and listening to continental music.

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