20 Solutions To Single Parenting To Raise Responsible Adults 

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Aug 15, 2020

Surviving as a single parent in a world that is so used to a two-parent family can be challenging. But nowadays, single parenting is not unusual and strange anymore. The choice to be a single parent is not always yours to make. Most people become single parents by divorce, or they are widowed. Few people find themselves in the situation by their own decision and choice.

Moreover, being a single parent can be difficult, hectic, and stressful. You have to take good care of your children (their feeding, education, schooling, accommodation, etc.) without having anyone to help. There will be trauma, stress, and challenges as a single parent. Apply these single parenting tips so you can have a great and happy family.

How To Succeed As a Single Parent

1. Create a Schedule for yourself: Creating a schedule or routine is one crucial single parenting tip that you must follow. As a single parent, it can be challenging to prepare meals for the children. You get the children ready for school, do your house chores, and prepare for work.

An easy way to beat this challenge is to create a schedule for daily activities. More like a time-table, you have a scheduled time to wake up and get prepared. A scheduled time to prepare the meals and get the children ready. Furthermore, creating a schedule will increase productivity. Also, it will train you to remain organized and get better results. 

2. Create Rules for your Household: Creating household rules is one of the recommended solutions to single parenting. As a single parent, you must have a set of rules everyone must follow. Household rules are essential in training children. Furthermore, the kids will behave well when they know the dos and don’ts, along with consequences. These rules will be a guideline for their behavior outside the home.

Also, it will help you shape the choices and decisions the children make. Try to avoid making the rules too long so they can be effective. Long rules are hard to remember, while short rules are easy to recall and obey.

3. Let Your Children Know Their Boundaries: An excellent way to establish a strong relationship with your children as a single parent is by setting boundaries. Boundaries make your children respect and obey you. Also, establishing limitations is an excellent way to discipline your children as a single parent.

Moreover, the limits you set must not be harsh. If they are, your children will stay away from you, and you don’t want that. Play with your children, but let them know the constraints of your playfulness.

4. Enforce The Rules And Boundaries: It is one thing to set rules and boundaries for your children. It is another thing to make them obey. An excellent single parenting tip is to avoid bending the rules you set. Stand by the laws and make sure the kids respond. Also, let your children know that you mean everything you say.

As children, they can make you feel guilty about your rules. Don’t bend or give in to them when they are going against the rules and boundaries. When your children know that laws and limitations have consequences, they will not break it.

5. Take Proper Care Of Yourself: You are first a human being, before a parent. One of the vital solutions to single parenting is to take care of yourself. Show yourself some love above everyone else. Make sure your meals are full of essential nutrients that will promote good health. You get energized to take proper care of your children when you are healthy and energetic. Your kids look up to you, and you must not disappoint them with your inaction.

Self-care and treatment will help ease off the burden of being a single parent. Also, ensure you get enough rest, don’t wear yourself out trying to take care of your children. Relax and have some wine once in a while. 

6. Be Positive at All Times: Your comprehension plays a great deal in determining your attitude, behavior towards life. Staying positive every time is a tremendous single parenting tip that you cannot overlook. There is a positive and negative part of everything in life. Focus on the positive aspect and work on it for your benefit.

Always wear a smile, make jokes, and play with your children. They are the closest people to you. They must never see you downcast and sad. Be strong for them. Also, let them smile when they look at you every time. Remember, a positive attitude will keep you going both at home and at your place of work.

7. Don’t Hold On To The Past: The past has a way of holding us back. As a single parent, what has happened in the past should be left in the past. You can’t deny the trauma of the past, but it can prevent it from affecting you. The past should not deter you from moving forward. Let it go and let your family and children inspire you to move forward in life.

Also, don’t allow it to cloud your behavior and approach to life. If you have young children, they must not see you traumatized. As they grow older, they will ask questions about the past, then you can tell them. However, it can be challenging to achieve, but letting the past go will benefit you. Grow bigger, better, stronger, and wiser every day. 

8. Pay Close Attention To Your Children And Have Conversations: Your children are your world, and you can’t ignore them. Talk to your children every chance you get. Let them be free to communicate with you about anything bothering them. Know your children well, and notice changes in their countenance quickly. Be the first friends of your children, and they should be able to trust you.

Furthermore, hold discussions on different issues with them. Their perspective on life will be revealed during these discussions. Also, it will allow you to make corrections and set their views right. Read all your children individually, and see how they are different in every area. It would be best if you spent adequate time with each of the kids personally.

Solutions To Single Parenting

9. Talk To Friends And Family When You Need Help: No man is an island. We all need help. If you’re in trouble, don’t hesitate to seek advice from your family and friends. Don’t be deceived that you can carry all the burden of single parenting alone. Your family and friends have a part to play in your household. You cannot ignore or deny the fact. Swallow your pride, and don’t turn down help from close family members and friends. Allow them to play a role in your life. Besides, your children should not see you like a do-it-all (all-sufficient). Help them form the behavior of accepting help when they need to. 

10. Ignore Negative Comments From People: We spend a lot of time worrying about the wrong things. People will always speak, but you must not let their comments get to you. What people think of you is of no importance if you want to be a better single parent.

Essential solutions to single parenting include ignoring the negative comments of ignorant people. These are people who don’t understand your story and struggles. What people think of you and your family doesn’t matter to you at all. Focus on getting a better output, and your story will surprise them. 

11. Be Real To Yourself: Don’t worry about being the perfect parent. Be real to yourself and your children. Focusing on being the ideal parent will only make you ignore issues of importance in your family. There is no perfect person in this life. What you see in the movies and social media is not real life. Be close to reality, and you will see life turn around positive for you.

Be real yourself

Also, by being authentic to yourself, you get to deal with your mistakes and flaws. But aiming for perfection will only make you ignore and deny your limits. It’s okay to make mistakes; only don’t be stuck with them. Follow this single parenting tip and see your life turn out more enjoyable.

12. Follow Your Instincts: There is always that inner voice we hear. Don’t ignore your instincts as a single parent. Your abilities are one of the few things you can trust in times of trouble. You are alone most of the time, and you have to make decisions.

Also, intuition will always tell you the best choice to make. Ignoring them could result in regrets and leave you in a bad state. Trusting yourself enough to follow your instinct is your ticket to single parenting success. 

13. Create a Perfect Work Schedule For Your Family: You have to find a balance between work and family life. If you are self-employed, work out a schedule that will be perfect for both your family and your workplace. Your plan must be precise enough for you to earn enough to care for your family.

If you are employed, work out a schedule with your employer. Your employer will understand and give you work time that suits you. However, if your employer is unyielding, you can swap shifts with your colleagues.

14. Assign Chores To Your Children As They Grow Older: Your children can also help you. Share with them some of the burdens of caring for them. Give them household chores corresponding to their age. As your children grow older, you should assign different duties to each of them. You can create a time-table for the responsibilities of each child.

Furthermore, giving duties is one of the excellent solutions to single parenting to avoid stress and overwork. As your children grow older, they will appreciate it, hence they would love you for making them responsible at a very tender age.

15. Teach Your Children The Importance Of Budgeting: Your children should know the importance of the management of finances. Teach your kids to manage what is available. Let them know the amount of money you earn.

Help them learn the importance of budgets, bills, and additional expenses. Teach your children how to plan funds, how to bargain, and how to spend wisely. As a result, it will keep them out of debt when they become adults.

16. Join Single Parent Groups: There are different groups of single parents you can join. Find wisdom in discussions on problems, difficulties, and challenges. Learn from people who have been through what you’re experiencing right now. These are also the best people that can give you the advice to follow. Single parents will never ostracize you. In addition, they will show you all the love and friendship you need to survive. 

Solutions To Single Parenting

17. Set Goals: Have a clear sight of what you want for your children and yourself. Setting goals keeps you focused, committed, and determined. Furthermore, the goals set will determine the rules to be enforced in the home. 

You’ll also figure out how to spend money and schedule and track events. As a result, it will inspire your children to set achievable goals in life and make them stick to it.

18. Be Flexible In Decisions: In your schedules, rules, and plans, try to be flexible enough to make changes. Things will not always turn out as expected or planned. It will be best to make room for these changes. Creatively find another solution to problems encountered. Besides, as your children grow older, the rules will have to be improved and modified. Also, don’t be rigid about anything in life. Let the kids have their way sometimes to teach them the importance of self-control. 

19. Be Aware That Everything Is Temporal: No situation or condition lasts forever. No child will be disobedient and clingy forever. With this mindset, your approach to everything changes. You no longer have to struggle at work or with your children. Things will turn around when it’s right. You begin to take things calmly when you know that nothing is permanent. 

20. Set Priorities: Try to differentiate things of great importance from matters of less weight. Setting priorities is a single parenting tip of great value. You’ll know what you should focus on and the minor issues. 

Your children are your priorities and must be your main focus always. But there are also issues like work, relationships, etc. Find time for these as well to keep you sane. Also, single parenting is not so difficult if you find solutions to single parenting from other experienced single parents.

In summary, solutions to single parenting are possible. Single parenting provides many challenges that are opportunities for growth and sharing. These solutions to single parenting tips will help you to cope with the demands of single parenthood.​ Also, be determined, and you’ll undoubtedly have success.


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