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18 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

by | Love

Jun 1, 2020

There are things guys never get weary of seeing their girls doing. They spark a guy’s emotional connection, making him fall in love with their girl over and over again. Every guy wants to see his woman do these things, meaning they love it when you do them.

Men are visual creatures who love or want visually appealing things. In contrast, girls like to be told something or treated in a particular kind of way to please them.

Guys also love things that come naturally to women—things women do unconsciously. For example, women’s natural looks, how a girl instinctively cuddles up, their pleading eyes, smiles, etc., are adorable for a guy to watch.

Knowing these girlie things your man longs to see can help to improve your relationship with him and keep the spark alive.

Here are a few things girls do that guys love.

1. Going natural without makeup

Some girls tend to have a bit of a makeup obsession and sometimes refuse to leave the house without a painted face. But little do they realize that guys find their natural look very cute and sometimes irresistible

Although guys love it when a girl gets all dressed up and looks glamorous, they really appreciate it too when she doesn’t wear any makeup and goes natural and comfortable around them. It shows that with or without makeup, she feels confident about how she looks.

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2. Wearing his clothes

Guys absolutely love it when girls put on their shirts. Not only does it make them look adorable when wearing those oversized clothes, but it also makes them look hot. It makes him feel like she is comfortable around him.

It also brings out their masculine frame. Men want to be considered protectors. They want to be the wall a woman leans on. And seeing that big shirt on his woman makes him feel just that way.

Often, if you’re close to him, he will pull you into a hug and get sexual with you.

When choosing his clothes, be sure to choose one that skims high above your knees and shows the curves of your thighs.

3. Wearing glasses

Guys often find it cute and sexy when a girl wears glasses. Maybe there’s something good about looking geeky. It could also be because it evokes teachers’ fantasies. Whatever the reason is, it works.

Jamie says women who wear glasses come off as smart. He agrees that he and almost all his friends love it when women look smart. Smart means more sarcasm and more humor. Nothing is more beautiful to a man than a woman who can beat him at the sarcasm game.

4. Just waking up

This one just happens naturally. There’s something cute about a girl who can look cute when she’s just waking up. Here, she’s in her most natural state and very vulnerable, yet she manages to pull it off. Most guys find this irresistible. Men look forward to seeing their women waking up in the morning.

Men often want to stare down at their women and smile. It is not uncommon to see men lower down and kiss their women when they wake up.

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5. Biting your lips

Biting of lips is an age-old form of flirting, and there’s something about it that makes guys notice a girl. But if a girl has a habit of biting her lips unconsciously, this really adds to her personality. It makes a guy fall in love with her all over again.

This usually works more in the seduction phase of the relationship. When you both are still frenzying with sparks and love, bite your lips as a form of communicating with him, appealing to his masculine self.

6. Guys love it when you laugh

A free-spirited laugh that lights up your face can be very contagious. Guys find it irresistible when girls have an honest laugh. Not only does it put guys at ease, but it also makes them more attracted to girls, especially if it’s their jokes that make them laugh.

Laughing more suggests a good sense of humor. People who laugh a lot usually make others laugh. Their company is enjoyable. And men love it when they can enjoy the company of their women.

Tip: you really don’t have to laugh too much or too loud. Just do you. Have a good sense of humor.

7. Playing with your hair

Gotcha. You may feel like only women love it when their hair is being ruffled, but this isn’t entirely true.

A guy’s hair is a source of attraction. Playing with it adds to that attraction, and guys love to see when a girl plays with her hair. Whether it’s intentional or not, it gets them attracted to her.

Her playing with her locks or tucking her hair behind her ears is not only cute but also graceful and feminine.

8. The way you get scared

Sometimes girls’ fears are rational, and sometimes they are not. Guys are extremely fascinated that someone can be so strong when it comes to big things in life and very scared when it comes to small things like spiders and basically anything creepy and crawly.

Guys also love it when a girl is sometimes scared because it triggers their hero instinct and allows them to step up, protect their woman, and be the hero.

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9. Sharing similar interests

Guys love it when they find girls with similar interests, especially fun-loving and adventurous ones. Girls who are interested in sports and video games drive men crazy—especially football.

Not all girls can be into this, but guys find it adorable when they join in and show support. 

10. Guys love to see you cooking

Guys love it when girls try to cook and show their affection through it, even when they’re not the best cooks in the world. Even when they try to cook, and it turns out bad, their efforts are still acknowledged.

When you cook, though, don’t make it seem from a place of resentment. Do it as though you enjoy just what you are doing. When he walks into the kitchen, he wants to see his woman happily being there for him.

11. Guys love girls with pleading eyes

This is one of the cutest things girls do that makes guys like them a lot more, and most guys would agree that girls look exceptionally cute when they do this. A guy always looks forward to seeing his woman do this.

A bold look, but one that suggests submissiveness, will literally melt most men. When they look into your eyes, they want to see something that makes them feel more manly and attractive.

12. Cuddling up with him

Guys will sometimes say they don’t like to cuddle, but when a guy is madly in love with a girl, he will want to cuddle with her all the more, even all night long. 

There’s nothing like having the girl he loves wrapped up in his arms’ safety and security. It makes him feel good

13. Smelling nice

A girl who smells nice is an added advantage to making a guy like you. Guys would always want to stay around a girl who smells nice. 

14. Being confident

Guys love confident girls. It shows that they can handle things, and guys look at this as being super sexy. 

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15. Being independent

Guys like girls who are independent but can still be dependent on their men. Guys always want to be in charge and have the upper hand, but they also love it when a girl is independent and can do things for herself when he’s not and when he is around while also being dependent on him at the same time. It seems a bit tricky, but it actually isn’t. 

16. Making him feel loved

Guys love it when a girl makes him feel loved and lets him know he means the world to her. Sometimes, guys also want to act tough and pretend they don’t feel or have emotions. 

However, guys love it when a girl makes him know how much she loves him, how important he is to her, and how he means the world to her. 

17. Blushing

Guys find it cute when girls blush. When he tells her how beautiful she looks, she blushes. He’ll think it’s pretty cute because it makes him feel that you care about what he thinks, and it would make him feel special. 

Blushing smoothens his ego. It makes him feel like the lover you want. You may not realize it, but we only blush and feel special when someone we consider special and attractive complements us. 

Your blushing is also a compliment to them. 

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18. Being themselves

Guys love it when girls can be themselves around them. A guy doesn’t feel at ease when a woman forces herself to smile, laugh, or try too hard during a conversation or isn’t genuinely enjoying themselves. 

Guys don’t want to feel like they are boring you or making you uncomfortable. They like women who can be themselves.

Bottom Line

Girls, doing these 18 things that guys love will help you improve and build a positive relationship with your man. Why not start today? Spend time alone together to re-ignite the intimacy in your relationship.

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By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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