Why Vacations Are Important?


Baggage packed, tickets handy and accommodation reserved, ready for a vacation. Before your travel date, you must have spent some time revelling on this vacation.

Going on vacation should be full of excitement and lots of fun. Whether we decide to go solo on a vacation or with a group of other people, we should enjoy the thrill of the moment that being on a vacation brings.

It has been confirmed by research that vacation is important for people to become resilient and successful in life. This simply means that ”all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

After all the bustling and hustling of everyday hassles, it would be enthralling for us to escape from mental and physical distractions by having a vacation. Through the process of going on vacation we get rest and replenishment as our reward.

To truly have this rewarding experience of going on vacation, it is essential we engage ourselves in activities that we enjoy doing. A little understanding of our minds on what we enjoy doing is paramount in order for us not return from vacation and be feeling exhausted.

You can get the best out of your vacation by breaking your normal existing routine prior to the vacation and begin to explore new things you are interested in or doing things that makes you really happy.


How does exhaustion occur?


The error a lot of people make in vacations is that they still continue to live in and continue to maintain their monotonous day to day routine during the vacation. As a result of this their vacation sucks. Most people kill the fun in vacation by just staying in their hotels, eating and sleeping or probably chatting with their friends online.

After coming from a vacation we may get antsy due to the fact that we are simply exhausted. We should outsource certain chores or activities on vacation to mitigate the effect of being stressed during vacation, this involves:


  • Avoid unending todo’s, requests and obligations that are mostly imposed on us by others that we cannot say ‘No’ to.
  • Get a nanny if travelling with kids to reduce housekeeping and child care activities.


The aforementioned are causes of exhaustion after returning from a vacation.

What is a vacation If we don’t get reinvigorated after it. What is a vacation If we just eat and sleep in our hotel rooms. It would be better to just stay at home and sleep in all day.

On the contrary, I am not trying to dissuade you from going on a vacation. I have compiled 15 things you could do on a vacation to have a mind boggling experience in any good destination of your choice.

16 Things To Do On A Vacation

1. Take a boat trip

Another way to enjoy your vacation is going on a boat trip. Join others on a cruise along the river and have fun onboard. There are lots of beautiful sights to see around. Some interesting vacation spots where you will enjoy boat trips are the canals of Hamburg, Germany, canals of Venice, Italy and Brazil’s tropical Costa Verde. Boating in these places are very enjoyable. The experience is wonderful. There’s never a dull moment while on a boat trip.


2. Take pictures


You are now on a vacation and would one day like to look back and treasure every moment of this adventure. In addition, taking pictures will give others a peek into your life as well as narrating the account of your vacation. Strike a good pose from any nice angle for a perfect picture.

Furthermore, A very good way to do this is to have a camera handy to make your capturing come out well, take pictures of monuments, landscapes, local celebrities, wildlife, waterfalls and so on. However, do not over do this, as this could irritate other members that went on the vacation with you as they would have to stop every once in a while from what they are doing to get a shot.


3. Go for a walk


Walking is one way of making our health better.  Walk around the vicinity you have visited on foot, this is a great way of saving costs of paying for transportation. When you are going for a walk, have a bottle of water with you to keep you hydrated. Listen to music as you go on the right path.

In addition to that, make sure you are comfortable dressed for a walk. Go for a walk when the weather conditions are favourable, that is, early in the morning or in the evening, get more familiar with the environment as you may see a street with a name that sounds funny to you.

Also, try to sit at some places for a rest, feel the gentle breeze on your skin. You would not be bored if someone you are romantically involved with takes a walk with you. Shopping centres would be a nice place you could just walk around in and appreciate the vacation better.


4. Have a picnic


This is an outdoor activity that you would take delight in. Pack your meal, snacks and drinks that you must have gotten from the buffet at the hotel you are lodging or you could just buy from around the location.

Do not forget to check the weather forecast before embarking on this trip as precipitation could ruin your picnic. Furthermore, you could relax under a shelter to read if you are with kids, they will be so happy to have a new playing ground.


5. Create your story


Write down events that you experienced daily in your diary so as not to miss anything out when narrating to your folks after returning from vacation. Tell them of something or someone that you found funny or enjoyable while you were away. You can also keep souvenirs, they help you remember certain memories.

To make the story real to your friends, neighbours, colleagues at work, loved ones: miniature customized soap, toothbrush, toilet rolls that you got from the hotel accommodation, complimentary calendars are good examples of souvenirs to display to them. But do not take anything that is not yours without permission while on vacation. Souvenirs will make recounting your story of vacation unforgettable.

6. Find a festival



Attend a festival while on vacation, you will get to learn more about the culture of the place you are in for a vacation. Also, you may learn their culture through this means. While participating in it you would have lots of fun by  doing this. Most places that are good for vacations usually have a lot of festivals that you will not love to miss. Any nice place in the world could be your destination for a vacation.

Some festivals you could attend are Carnival of Cultures in Berlin, Germany, The Masked Ball in Cornwall, Uk, Fallas in Valencia, Spain, Cartagena International Music Festival in Colombia and many more. Festivals usually feature music, theatre, art, circus, literature and debate, film and a lot of dances, which you would love to feature in.


7. Watch the local news


It is very advisable you listen to local news of any place you have gone for a vacation.  Watching local news could save your life, it could also prevent you from being taken unawares if there is an outbreak of disease or the government is about to put into law something that may not favour you.

For instance, before this Covid19 pandemic, a lot of people had gone on vacation in Dubai, those that listened to local news were well informed of the time they would be going on a lockdown and quickly returned to their various countries of residence. Those that were not listening to the local news are probably still trapped in the lockdown of Dubai. Consequently, making their vacation go wrong. This is not funny at all.


8. Relax at the beach


If the current place you are having your vacation in has a lot of beaches, why not go relax and also have some adventures in any one of your choice? Wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn, sunglasses to protect your eyes, bikini and you are good to go. If the water is safe enough, you could swim in it, if not, no need for it. But you could borrow a boat and do some fishing too. Moreso, you could just lounge with your feets in the water while your kids could collect seashells, cowries and build sand castles at the beach.

Furthermore, you could also read some magazines here as well as have some afternoon nap on a beach. Watch the birds chirping at your feets and flying overhead in this pristine environment. Do not forget to come along with your snacks and drinks too. Depending on the season of the year, you could get to see the adorable dolphins..yes!


9. Visit museums


This is one of the things you could do while on a vacation, visiting a museum is fun and enlightening. It reveals the ancient civilisation of a particular group of people. Furthermore, museums can help you gain a deeper understanding of cultural and natural heritage. You can also take good pictures in museums if allowed. You could get a glimpse of the historical records of the place you are at a museum.

Even more, you could just be there for sightseeing of exhibits at various galleries. Be spontaneous. Anything interesting could pop up while you are at a museum.


10. Socialise with locals


Get to familiarise yourself with the locals, this is a way of mixing up with people from various walks of life. You can make meaningful connections while on vacation by interacting with acquaintances who eventually become your best friends forever. Remember you are in a foreign environment, you never can tell who among the locals could be of help to you while you are having a vacation.

Furthermore, the more you mingle with the locals, the more comfortable you get during your vacation. Do not just be an observer of the locals, participate with them in any of their activities you find interesting. In addition, the locals could help you discover inexpensive hidden things if you mix up with them well enough. Perhaps if you are single, you could meet the love of your life while mingling with the locals.


11. Play games


Playing games is one of the things you could easily do to eliminate that nostalgia you have while on a vacation. It usually needs luck, skill and strategy for one to win. Moreso, games are a perfect way to while away time after a long day of exploring and socializing with locals. What do you meme?, Dobble, Hide and Seek, Bananagrams, Skull are some exciting games you could participate in when on a vacation.


12. Visit a national park

This is one way to get a first hand experience on a plethora of outdoor adventures. National parks are usually endowed with good scenery of landscapes, waterfalls, nature, and a  lively wildlife from birds to mammals to amphibians to reptiles to fishes, one could easily have adventures here. Some recreational activities you could enjoy while visiting a national park are kayaking, biking, hiking, swimming and so on.


13. Learn something new 

Vacation is an opportunity for you to leverage by learning new things. Imagine after arriving at a beautiful destination such as Paris. Then, there is this foreign accent of the French that you find really amazing and you want to become proficient in the use of the language and you happen to do your vacation there. And probably, prior to your vacation in France, you managed to learn the basics of the French language. Grab the vacation opportunity you have to boost your use of language proficiency by being in a constant state of interactions with the natives in the locality.

Consequently, this language you are acquiring while on vacation in Paris would be more exciting and if you are lucky, you could advance your career prospects, all because you gained mastery of the language. There are many things you could learn in order to become successful in life. How about learning to cook, do some karate, dance steps,  play a musical instrument, typing and so on. Just lay your hands on something good to learn and be perfect at doing it.


14. Workouts

This is one thing to do when on vacation that you can also enjoy. Workouts are very good for everyone as they help us to keep fit. There is no harm in doing that workout you have been planning to do before now during this vacation. Workouts raise our dopamine levels- that is our feel good hormone as well as strengthening our body.

Moreover, it will be good to burn out all the excess calories in your body from consuming a lot of edibles in the locality. This way you will still be able to keep fit while on vacation because workouts boosts your confidence level, your grace and physical stamina. Remember health is wealth; workouts are good for our physical and mental well being.


15. Manage work


It is very good to stay abreast of our work while on vacation, it is good to do this. As you are away from your workplace, one should still be able to track his or her work autonomously, you could stay awake at midnight when others are asleep to do a little work online or before they are awake to put one or two things at work in order.

Vacation is also the best time for futuristic ideas to pop into one’s mind to tackle any unforeseen challenges. Moreso, you could have a review of your goals and directions in life.


16. Camping


Find out from the hotel concierge if there is any good camp you could go to. Ensure to tip the concierge as this person is likely to give you credible information on places that you would really enjoy to go to. For you to pick a good campsite endeavour to consider your preferences.

If you are thinking of going on a camp with children; campsite should be kid friendly for safety reasons. Returning from a camp has a way of making us see things from a different perspective after staying in a tent or pop-up gazebo for a while in camp, we begin to treasure all the little things in our environment that we once took for granted.


On a final note


Going on a vacation is easy as there are a lot of things one could virtually do while on it. If your budget is tight while on a vacation, there are a lot of things you can do for free to make your stay pleasant. Meeting the right people while on vacation is crucial, they would do you a lot of huge favours, that you may never be able to repay them for. Go for things you enjoy doing while on vacation, this would create a strong desire for you to be looking up to your next vacation.

So why not go on a vacation right away? Then thank me later, lol.