11 Top Benefits Of Saffron For Your Body And Health

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May 8, 2020

Kesar or saffron, as it is mostly known, is one of the most expensive spices on the planet and is said to have originated in or around Persia, from where it later came to Eurasia, and afterward to some parts of North America, North Africa, and Oceania. There are so many health benefits of saffron.

Saffron is the colorful threads of the flower known as the saffron crocus, scientifically referred to as Crocus sativus. The threads of the flowers are reddish-orange, and it is easily identifiable.  

The rich color is because of the characteristic carotenoid, known as Crocin, present in saffron. The health benefits of saffron on the health and therapeutic advantages of the body are enormous and unbelievable. It contains incredible minerals and vitamins like Vitamin A, folic acid, copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium, thiamin, riboflavin, and so forth. The benefits and medicinal properties of saffron make it a valuable culinary ingredient globally.

11 Uses and Health Benefits of Saffron 

1. Get Rid of Dull Skin Using Saffron: Everyone loves radiant and smooth skin, especially glowing and bright skin. Saffron is the right herb to help with that. 

Here’s how:

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, 2 to 3 strands of saffron, and 2 spoons of milk thoroughly. 
  2. Wash your face and wipe with a cloth before applying this face mask.
  3. Apply it while your face is still wet.
  4. Massage your skin thoroughly in a circular motion.
  5. Allow it to sink into your pores for 20 minutes, then rinse off.

Note, you should use this mask once a week for maximum results.                              

2. Achieve a Healthy Dry Skin: Do not panic! You can have dry skin and still be gorgeously radiant. Although dry skin can be a result of very cold or hot weather, it can still be a blessing with the right use of organic products, and Saffron tops this list. 

Check out these face mask recipesMashup 1 teaspoon of sandalwood powder, 2 to 3 strands of saffron, and 2 spoons of milk. Remember to wash or damp your face with lukewarm water, then wipe with a cloth or cotton material before applying this face mask.   

Be sure to apply it while your face is moist. Rub into your skin in a counter-clock movement. Ensure it stays on for the duration of 20mins then when it’s time, wash it off. It would be best to use this mixture once a week. It will help you to enjoy the benefit of Saffron to the fullest. 

3. Saffron Heals Wounds and Scars: Ever wanted a Fraxel Laser Treatment but found it too much for your pocket to handle? Look no farther. Saffron will help with a home remedy you will always have at hand when planted and cared for.  

Apply clammy Saffron to the scar or wound for ten minutes in the morning and wrap with a loose bandage overnight to get the right outcome.    

4. Saffron Relieves Insect Bites: Another great benefit of Saffron is that it relieves insect bite. Now you can go on that safari trip you’ve been planning with fear of having a chemical reaction to mosquito repellents. The application of saffron extract can help to relieve insect bites.           

5. Improves Vision: Saffron can be ingested as a dietary supplement to improve and cater to the eyesight. However, one must consult the doctor for the ideal dosage.           

6. Improve Digestion: Saffron can also act as a decongestive, allowing you to treat and strengthen the stomach’s inner core. It also helps calm an upset stomach.          

7. Treat Insomnia: Saffron can help in the clinical treatment of depressionlack of sleep, and a gloomy mood. Dip two Saffron into a cup of warm milk for a few minutes before bed. This will make you relax and become calmer.           

8. Saffron Helps Battle Cancer: Due to Crocin and Safranal present in Saffron, the development of a tumor and other cancerous cells in the body are suppressed. These will work in every high-risk part, like the blood, colon, and ovaries. Besides that, Saffron can also help to reduce the adverse effects caused by chemotherapy drugs.           

9. Improves Heart Health: “Saffron helps reduce the risk of heart disease by strengthening the circulatory system. The spice is rich in thiamin and riboflavin, and these promote a healthy heart and help prevent various cardiac issues” – Style Craze.

As seen above, we are not the only one in love with Saffron, and here is why; cholesterol and lipoproteins clog the arteries and end up causing the accumulation of fats. The rich antioxidants of Saffron can decrease cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood.  

The Crocetin present in Saffron reduces the lipoproteins in the bloodstream and helps in unclogging the arteries. It also improves the pumping of oxygen, which can keep the circulatory system healthy and removes plaque from the arteries, aiding the heart to be healthy and happy.  

10. Helps Treat Acne and Blemishes: Another benefit of Saffron is that it helps treat acne and blemishes. It is no rocket science to know that something that can clear a scar can also have properties that can help to remove acne and blackheads. Saffron’s antifungal substance makes it a unique and strong agent to tackle skin inflammation, coloring, and pimples.   

How to Use: 

  • Blend 5-6 basil leaves with 10-12 strands of Saffron to make an excellent glue. 
  • Apply this all over your face and problematic areas. 
  • Wash off with cold water after 10 to 15 minutes. 

Doing this will help get rid of skin break out and pimples. Basil leaves will work as a dispenser for the microbes that cause skin inflammation and pimples. Apply Saffron-doused milk all over two times per day to clear acne.          

11. Natural Remedy For Erectile Dysfunction: Apparently, this amazing and unique plant can also help with erectile dysfunction, among other wonderful use of Saffron. Adding this plant to a supplement and diet can prove useful to your sexual life.  

Thankfully, the myth about sexual libidos shriveling up as a person grows older has been debunked, and that is why you can enjoy yourself even when you are in your prime. One organic way to do this is by making Saffron a friend. Another benefit of Saffron is that it stimulates sexual arousals and increases libido. 

This tip is backed up by studies, and also, mainly inhaling Saffron solutions created a decrease in cortisol levels. It was apparent that there was a signal of reduced stress, and the urge for sex increased drastically. 

Fortunately, the euphoria feeling did not stop with the men. They also did testing on women, and the reactions were surprising. It became a rejuvenating agent both in the blood flow and in the penile and vulva region. However, you will need a professional’s aid to get a specific dosage that works for your age and body type.  

Conclusively, as you can see from this article, the benefits of Saffron for your health and body are numerous. Although very expensive, it’s definitely worth it. However, if you just want to try it for the first time, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Photo by Mohammad Amiri on Unsplash


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