I am going to tell you 10 ways of knowing if a guy is genuine or just a player. You can discern if a guy is genuine, or if he is just a player in a different number of ways, you just have to observe him a little bit deeper. Many people believe a player is a guy who wants sex. Actually, the truth is 95 percent of guys do want sex, whether he is a player or a genuine guy. But remember to watch out for this: if sex is his priority in the relationship, then you better run as fast as you could.

10 ways to Tell if He is Genuine or just a Player

1. Knowing if a guy is genuine or a player is easy. A genuine guy doesn’t try to impress you with expensive or flashy gifts, just to get you to say yes to him or fall for him. However, a player does this stuff to get your attention quickly, so he can move on quickly. He gives with ulterior motives; to impress you and to get something in return.

2. A genuine guy is always patient. He tries to understand your feelings, see things from your point of view and he won’t be in haste. Furthermore, a genuine guy will try to put the needs of your relationship above their personal needs.

However, a player is not patient, he doesn’t have the time to understand how you feel about things that are very important to you. He just wants to get on with it as fast as he can and he doesn’t put things in perspective.

3. A genuine guy is not egocentric, but rather he listens attentively to you. He also puts your interest ahead of his own. On the other hand, a player is always selfish, he thinks most of himself before others. Furthermore, he likes to brag about himself. He may try to disguise his attitude at first.

The truth is, he definitely won’t be able to keep up with it for so long. So you just have to be on the watch out for any signs. It’s a matter of observation if you want to know if a guy is genuine or a player.

4. A genuine guy takes it slow. He wants to see you again, to learn more about you gradually. Furthermore, he will be just as gentlemanly and complementary as the player. Nevertheless,  he’s got more depth to him. But a player looks at you in a leering and sleazy kind of way.

In addition, he doesn’t listen to everything you say. Another way of know if a guy is a player is that, he only remembers some few things from your previous discussion with him

5. Another way to tell if a guy is genuine or just a player, is that a genuine guy answers all your questions sincerely without thinking, he respects your decision, but a player talks in circles, not always straightforward and he always has other options. Especially after giving him a firm no.

6. A genuine guy is always committed. If he promises to call or arrange a date with you, he tries as much as possible not to disappoint you. A player is an exact opposite, he is never committed to whatever you guys have arranged. He finds excuses from time to time.

Also, he always disappoints on an already agreed time. He wants everything done right here right now whenever he wants if possible.

7. A genuine guy’s phone is not always on silent mode, he receives calls in your presence. He doesn’t lock himself in a room or walks so far away that you do not hear a bit of word from him. In the case of a player, his phone is always on silent mode, you hardly hear him receive any call, even if you stay with him for a whole week.

8. A genuine guy is specific. He is truthful when you ask him about his home address. And also who he lives with and about his whereabouts. On the other hand, a player tries to hide this information from you, he is never 100 percent clear on where he lives, or with whom they live. Sometimes he may have up to 2 or 3 addresses. For instance, he may say I sometimes live with my brother at his place. Sometimes I spend weekends with my friend’s place, but my home is at this place.

9. A genuine guy is always upfront and honest with you. That is, he acts openly so that you know what he is up to. Furthermore, he tells you the truth no matter what the situation is or the consequence. On the other hand, a player will keep you thinking and guessing. You never know their next steps.

10. Lastly, another great way to tell if a guy is genuine or a player is that a genuine guy gives compliments that are modest and in no way too sexual, or at least not during the first couple of months that you guys met. But a player is too quick to compliment you. Most especially, in a flirtatious and sexual way, even right from the moment you guys met.

They like compliments such as you look sexy, nice legs, sexy body or shapes, nice as, etc. compliments with flirtatious or sexual words. Be wary of this kind of person.

How To Protect yourself from a player

There are always subtle hints that a guy’s a trained romancer. If a guy shows these signs, he’s not the commitment type, rather he’s the hit and run type. Players are very skilled at masking their true identity and intentions because they want to be successful seducers. Unless you’re able to see the real deal, you’ll continue to risk getting hurt.

Protect yourself by being observant at all times, especially if you want to get into a new relationship. Conclusively, dating carefully and selectively so you never fall for a wolf in Romeo’s clothing. I hope I am able to show you 10 ways you can tell if a guy is genuine or just a player.



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