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10 Ways To Make Your Parents Like Your Boyfriend

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Nov 9, 2020

Are you looking to get your parents to like your boyfriend? You’re in the right place. Read on to learn how.

Teenagers and youths have the freedom to have boyfriends and girlfriends. It is sometimes difficult to introduce your boyfriend to your parents, such as their personality, beliefs, and whether they are the right person for you. But it is one thing to introduce your boyfriend to your parents, and it is another for them to like him. 

These are some challenges females face with their parents. But there are solutions to all problems. We offer you useful tips to help make your parents like your boyfriend. 

1. Tell Them About Your Boyfriend

One of the best ways to get your parents to like your boyfriend is through open communication. Instead of hiding your relationship, discuss it with your parents. Tell them more about your boyfriend and how long the relationship has been going on. Don’t get angry if they disapprove. 

Instead, give them positive information about your man. Tell your parents how he makes you happy and why exactly you choose him. Also, what you think makes him different from other guys. 

Explain how your relationship will not affect other aspects of your life. Assure them that your schooling and work will go on well. 

2. Listen To Your Parents

If your parents disagree with your relationship, you don’t have to get angry. When you do this, they start to think your boyfriend is influencing that decision. Which means they will not try to listen to you convince them anymore. 

Instead, listen to what your parents have to say. Try to see things from their perspective; this helps you know how to go about it. Ask them why they disapprove of your boyfriend and why they think he is not suitable for you. 

Tell them to give you a chance to explain yourself before they judge. In your communication with them, make sure you don’t sound too aggressive.

3. Your Boyfriend Must Be Polite

If your boyfriend has been visiting your family for a while, remind him to be polite (1). It is easy for him to get too familiar and start to show traces of disrespect. It could cause your parents to start disliking him even if they liked him before. 

So at the first meeting with your parents and other future meetings, make sure he is not too familiar as it goes a long way to make your parents like your boyfriend.

4. Introduce Your Boyfriend To Your Parents

Before introducing your boyfriend to your parents, inform him about their expectations. Don’t scare him off. Instead, reassure him that all will be well. When you want to introduce your boyfriend to your parents, make it less awkward. 

Meet at a restaurant or a mall. Make the interaction between your boyfriend and your parents natural. Your guy must be of good behavior and impressive manners. 

5. Try To Connect Their Interests

When people with the same interests meet, they tend to connect and become friends. One of the ways to make your parents like your boyfriend is by connecting their interests. 

If your parents and boyfriend love football, make them discuss football. It will spark your parents’ interest, which will help build interest. If your man plays musical instruments, tell your music-loving parents. 

Connect the hobbies, interests, and personalities of both parties for favorable outcomes.

6. Invite Your Boyfriend To Family Gatherings

People cannot like someone that they are not familiar with. To get your parents to like your boyfriend, they have to get to know him. And they cannot know him if they don’t hang out with him. You can try inviting your boyfriend to occasions or family dinners. 

Make sure he also features on outings so that he can feel like a part of the family. It will also create an avenue for your parents and boyfriend to hang out and become familiar. 

When your boyfriend hangs out with your family a lot, your parents will get to know him and like him. They start to pick up some of his characters and discuss him once in a while. It’s a good thing for that to happen.

7. Let Your Boyfriend Bring A Gift When Visiting

Everyone loves a nice person. To get your parents to like your boyfriend, try encouraging your boyfriend to get them a gift. When he does this, your parents will realize he has a good heart and a kind person. 

It can spark an interest in them and make them give him an opportunity. Some options of gifts include flowers, chocolates, homemade baked goods, or candles. 

He can also include a note that compliments them for a special anniversary. Doing all these gives an impression of a thoughtful and caring person.

8. Tell Your Boyfriend To Avoid Crude Languages

Adults don’t like young people that use crude language. No parents want their daughter or son to be with someone who uses swear words when speaking. 

Your parents can’t like your boyfriend if he doesn’t choose his words. He not only needs to be polite but respectful. Even if he can’t help it, he needs to start practicing as soon as possible. 

Parents like young people that show a high level of intelligence. Advise him to express more creativity and less unnecessary conversations. 

9. Make Sure Your Boyfriend Dresses Well When Visiting

No parents think an unkempt man is worth their daughter. Encourage your boyfriend to dress well while coming to visit you at home (2). 

It is necessary and also very important that your boyfriend should clean up and look good. It makes your parents respect him and not have doubts. He can put on some perfumes to smell nice and create an ambiance of seriousness. 

10. Avoid Provocative Topics

Let your boyfriend know what your parents dislike. And you must ensure he avoids bringing it up during any chance of meeting. When your parents try to discuss it, he must do everything to evade it. 

Provocative topics have a habit of leading to unfortunate circumstances and regrets. To make your parents like your boyfriend, do all you can to avoid provocative topics. During discussions with parents, avoid issues about religion, money, sex, and politics.

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