10 Ways To Know If He Is A Player

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May 11, 2020

In case you’re wondering if you’re dating a player, wonder no more. Knowing a player is super easy. There are various signs you can watch out for. Do not allow his perfect looks or innocence to fool you. Players would always want to act like they are very genuine so that they can catch unsuspecting ladies. If you don’t watch out for the following signs, you might easily fall prey to their trap. Read on to learn different ways to know if he is a player.

1. Always compliments your body parts.

When a guy likes to praise or compliment your figure, backside, front side, etc., you need to watch out. 90% of guys who compliment parts of girls’ bodies are definitely players. They compliment these parts of your body because it is what they fantasize about in their head. 

That’s their goal in dating you, simply to have a taste of you. Such a guy is a player. Meanwhile, a sincere guy will compliment your beauty, your character, and your personality, and not parts of your body. You’re not a photo gallery. 

2. Doesn’t take a personal interest in you 

A guy who is a player doesn’t have the time to dig deep. He stops at the surface. His goal is to get you fast into his bed. Furthermore, he doesn’t have the patience to listen carefully to what you have to say or try to find out what you are thinking. Also, when he does not show genuine interest to understand what you’re going through and does not manifest fellow feelings.

Instead, he only thinks more about himself. What he wants is more important to him. Watch out for these signs. Also, see if he enjoys talking so much about himself. 

3. A player is always impatient  

A player is always impatient. He moves or acts in great haste. When you tell him to take it slowly, he will be on edge or get agitated. Such a guy will always want to find all means to convince you to follow his way. 

Also, watch out for this sign; A guy who is a player is always super persuasive and very manipulative, especially when it comes to getting you to do his bidding. 

They only have one goal in mind. To get what they want. What you want or think is not so important. Furthermore, they have a “me first” attitude in relationships. Remember, relationships should be about sharing and taking each other into consideration in all things. 

4. Nothing goes for nothing attitude. 

A relationship works better when both partners are willing to support each other without expecting something in return. A guy who is a player always wants something back for anything he did for you. 

Also, he’s ready to please you in so many ways, but only for a condition. To get what he wants. They can never be selfless. Watch out if he is very selfish. A genuine guy will give something to you wholeheartedly without obligations.

5. A player is always secretive.

This is obvious with a player right from the onset. A player kind of guy is a professional when it comes to keeping secrets. They definitely have a lot of things to hide. Here are a few things they wouldn’t want you to see or know about 

  • About their family
  • Text messages from their phone
  • Likes to make calls in secret
  • Not truthful about his past
  • Making their whereabouts a secret
  • Always finding excuses

6. A player’s body Language

Another way to identify a player is his body language. You will sense something is out of place. It’s very difficult to spot if you have not dated a player before. 

Look directly into his eyes. See if he looks back at you in kind. A player acts suspiciously. Also, see if he always checks his watch, phone and looks around the surroundings from time to time when you guys are in public places. 

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Does he try to avoid going to public places or feel uncomfortable in public places? Watch him intensely when you find yourselves in these circumstances.  

Also, does he like to look at other women when you guys are together? When a beautiful girl passes by, he tries to look behind. It is very difficult for a player to resist the urge even if he has a potential date right there with him. There is a saying; a player will always be a player. That is absolutely true. 

7. You don’t know your stand with him. 

Let’s say you have agreed to date him, and you guys have dated for a while. Yet, you do not know your stand with him. He never talks about future plans. He doesn’t show any strong commitment

Then know this, he is a player. What he is after is to use you, get what he wants, and run away. Moreover, a genuine guy would like to discuss with you about his future plans. He will show commitment

Furthermore, you will feel very safe with him. Have a relaxed mind instead of guessing what tomorrow holds for you guys. Also, he doesn’t make any effort to make you feel safe in the relationship.  

8. He rarely text or calls. 

He is a player if he hardly or texts. Remember when he was still trying to convince you to go out with him. Also, how he calls all the time and sends texts to you regularly. After you guys have started dating, everything will drastically go down to a minimum. 

Furthermore, a player will only call when he wants something very important from you. Probably when he wants to see you, or when he wants something very badly.

9. His behavior changes drastically. 

If he is a player, his behavior will change drastically as time goes on. There will be huge changes compared to when you guys first started dating and after you have dated for a while.  

Examples of Before and After behaviors of a player 

  • Before – calls you every 6 hours. After – calls you every 3 days
  • Before – texts you every day. After – text you every 2 weeks
  • Before – goes out with you once every week. After – goes out with you once every month.
  • Before – he watches movies with you every night. After – he watches movies with you once a week.
  • Before – he cooks together with you. After – he rarely comes to the kitchen.
  • Before – buys you gifts every 2 months. After – he buys you gift only on special occasions 
  • Before – visits you every day. After – visits you once in 3 days

Most importantly, what you should watch out for is this; The changes in him. How he was before and how he is now. Further, see if there are big changes between before and now. If he is a player, the difference will show. 

10. A player likes to flirts with other women. 

Though flirtation doesn’t always mean that he wants to sleep with other women, he is definitely a player if he does it all the time. In contrast, a genuine guy would always strive to avoid flirting with other women, especially when you are there. 

He will avoid making you feel jealous. Instead, he should be making an effort to show other people that he is with you. Not making people have the feeling that you are just a friend. So watch out for this sign. 

Bottom Line

A player is always a player. If you pay real attention, you will see him exhibiting some of these signs. Trust me; you will know if he is genuine by the way he behaves. 

Genuineness is written all over a sincere and honest guy. However, you will always have doubts if you are dating a player. Although some guys have a master’s degree in faking it, they can’t fake it for long.

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