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10 things girls love to talk about in private

by | Ideas

May 14, 2020

There are a lot of things girls love to talk about in private. Girls are usually loquacious in nature when compared to guys. Apparently, between the male and female gender, guys are more taciturn. A girl does too much talking at times. It could be boring or interesting at times to the opposite sex.

No wonder when a man talks or behaves in a particular way, he is referred to as a ”drama queen”. Girls love to talk about a lot of things once they have the opportunity. They talk about things they would rather share with another girl like themselves. It is most likely for girls to talk more in private than when in the presence of a guy.

However, guys’ imagination of what girls love to talk about in private begins to run wild. Consequently, some guys who have been audacious have taken a move to discover what girls talk about in private most times. 

The things that girls love to talk about more in private are not far-fetched; apparently, I am also a girl, so I will be revealing to you many of the things girls love to talk about in private.

10 Things Girls Talk About In Private


1. Opposite Sex

Firstly, girls love to talk about the opposite sex– boys or men. When you see a group of girls together, they are likely to be having a discussion about a certain guy, what he did, what he said, how he said certain things to them, and how they reacted to the particular guy in question. 

The other girls could either ridicule or praise the guy her peer just spoke about.

2. Hormones

Secondly, hormones are another topic girls love to talk about in private. When girlfriends of the same age range begin to grow probably from childhood into adulthood, they experience puberty much earlier than guys of the same age. 

As a result of puberty, girls tend to become shy when talking about puberty publicly.

On the contrary, they are more likely to talk about this in private with their fellow girls. For instance, she wants to talk about PMS- premenstrual syndrome, she is more likely to talk to another female that is probably more experienced than she is in that aspect than a male who has no clue about it.

3. Gossip

Thirdly, glaring among girls is gossip. Once there are two or more girls that are intimate or within a certain location. They are very quick to talk about other people’s decisions and their opinions on them. 

Girls’ could talk about what is necessarily not their business in any way about other people they know just to kill boredom.

4. Fashion

Fourthly, fashion is something girls love to talk about in private. They love to wear things that are in vogue. Girls love to turn heads anywhere they go. But guys think that girls dress to impress them, it is not so. 

Girls love competing with other girls, so they go to their circle of friends and talk about in private how they would slay at a friend’s party with their hairstyle, pedicure and manicure, make-up, shoes, bag, and outfits.

5. Girls Love To Talk About Exes

In addition, exes are another thing girls love to talk about. Girls love commitment a lot when in relationships with the opposite sex

Unfortunately, things may go south with their boyfriends. Subsequently, they find solace in talking to their friends about what transpired in the relationship with their ex-boyfriend. Girls cry together at times. Sometimes, words of encouragement are given like:

Don’t worry; it was not meant to be. Prince charming will come very soon, and you will live together happily ever after!

6. Career

Career is the most meaningful conversation girls love to talk about in private. In the society, we are today whereby patriarchy is the order of the day. 

Girls who have been able to break out of the existing norm prevalent in society have had such discussions with their friends earlier on. They could have set goals on how to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer, or politician with their friends in private.

7. Shopping

Even more, shopping is also one of the things girls love to talk about. They could have arranged a particular day of the week when it is convenient for them to do some shopping together at the mall, markets and so on. 

It is a day they go bubbly from one place to another in search of what they need to get for themselves. It is usually refreshing, so they return home happily. Thus, girls and shopping are inseparable.

8. Food

Girls love to talk about food too. This ranges from their individual preferences of one food over another. 

Since they are more likely to be in the kitchen than the males, this is where they usually come to in private soliciting the help of her friends who could be a better cook than herself in giving her special ways to prepare mouth-watering delicacies. 

They usually tell their friends not to inform their husband or boyfriend about this.

9. Entertainment

Girls love to talk about entertainment—music, and movies in private. This is the only time they seem to share their passion with their friends. 

They could have been watching a particularly interesting movie, and the next thing they are already convincing their girlfriends in private to watch it. 

Apparently, this explains why a lot of girls are more inclined to watch Romantic Movies, TV Series, ZeeWorld, and Telemundo channels.

10. Feelings

The last but not the least thing girls love to talk about among themselves is feelings. Girls are generally emotional. Their emotions are unstable. 

One moment they are excited. In another moment, they become moody. These feelings that girls share in common are easier for them to relate with when in the midst of their friends.

When a girl is single, she talks to her friends about her crush. If she is in a relationship, she still talks to her friends about her boyfriend, and if she just broke up with a guy, she runs to her friends for a private talk about how he makes her feel with his actions.

On the other hand, guys find it extremely difficult to understand why girls’ emotions are fleeting and why they attach a lot of feelings to certain things. They think it is quite difficult to understand girls because of feelings.

Wrapping Up


Girls are very much likely to talk about the 10 things I explained above in private while they are with their friends than when with the opposite sex. 

They flow easily in talking about these things in private with their friends. Due to this, their friends are more likely to listen effortlessly to them since their experiences are similar.

By Rachael Ukpebor

Rachael Ukpebor is an Editorial Assistant for Whatsdalatest. She graduated with honours from the University of Benin with a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. She covers beauty, relationship, and lifestyle topics at WDS, everything from best skincare and makeup hacks, to relationships. Her favourite music is Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton.

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