10 Smart Ways To Handle A Toxic Boss

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Jun 7, 2020

The work environment can be a fantastic experience. But when you have a toxic boss that turns everything upside down at the slightest provocation, you are in for trouble.

Study shows that most people leave a boss and not the job and in this tough economy, it’s essential to keep your job, even when your boss is making things hard for you.

Here are our top ten pieces of advice to help you handle a toxic boss so you can live your life. 

1. Ask For A Candid Conversation

Sometimes the reason why people are toxic is because of the absence of understanding. If you feel that you don’t have any idea why your boss should treat you the way he or she does, you can iron things out with a candid conversation. 

Engage them in this conversation and try to understand if there is something about you the boss doesn’t like. Here, you will find out whether you’re the source of their behavior or they’re just like that.

Most of the time, this kind of approach will not resolve the issue, but now you know that it has nothing to do with you, but them. 

2. Understand Your Boss

In addition to knowing your boss through having a conversation, you can go further by trying to understand them. Having a good knowledge of the pattern of behavior of a bully is the first step to handling them properly. 

Remember that your boss didn’t get to the position they are today in one day; they have been around for a while, and they’ve worked with many people like you.

Also, make sure you’re keeping notes of the conversation you have with your boss. Record keeping will help keep them in check as they will be worried that you might report them to the management someday.

3. Organize Yourself Into A Network 

You can’t handle a toxic boss on your own; you need the support of your colleagues. Organize yourselves into a network and ensure that everyone is keeping notes of conversations with him. 

Your colleagues will also provide insight into your boss’s behavior in ways you couldn’t have imagined. If things turn very sour between you and your boss, you have people to talk to, who will support you psychologically. 

4. Set Limits

Toxic bosses want to always talk you down, make you feel you’re not good enough, and want to micromanage you. There is nothing you will do that’s going to make them change their behavior. However, you should set limits on how much they can kick you around.

Once they get to such limits, let them understand how you feel and how you won’t take it beyond that level. Say it in a very respectful way, and they will appreciate it.

Bullies are insecure people who enjoy tormenting other people, so they don’t want to lose relevance by doing it too much.

5. Focus On Your Job

Your toxic boss is going to do everything to make you feel that they are all that matter. They are not, the job is. Therefore, instead of focusing on them and feeding their ego, divert your undivided attention to the task.

Never give them any chance to make them feel that whatever harsh words they say is getting to you. The more you focus on the job, the less time will be available to attend to them. 

6. Deliver Results

“Kill them with success” is something you hear all the time. There is no better time to make use of this than now. Your toxic boss is going to become more ballistic and explosive if you are unable to do your job correctly, or you’re fond of making excuses. 

Prevent them from having anything against you by delivering excellent results in everything you do.

Meet deadlines, be creative, provide solutions, stop complaining, and pay complete attention to what you’re doing. If they can’t find something wrong with your work, they can’t get any basis to bully you. 

7. Avoid Taking Things Personally

The biggest mistake you can ever make with a toxic boss is to take their behavior personally. Your boss is delivering results, and that’s what matters to management the most. As long as they’re not breaking any rules or codes, they’re going to remain in that position and get promotions. 

Have an open mind to the situation and ensure that you have what it takes to handle your position and tasks. Stop blaming yourself or your boss. Stop thinking that you’re lazy, worthless, or incompetent; you’re not. Divert all the energy away from the hate you have for your boss on your work. 

8. Accept That Your Boss Is Human And Imperfect

In everything, your boss is still human and not perfect. It’s terrible behavior to bring people down, but you have to understand that is the way it is. Stop expecting your boss to change, either. It’s not your job to make your boss improve their behavior. 

During an argument, it doesn’t matter whether they are right or wrong, do as you’re told, and try to be the best. Since you can’t control your boss, the next best thing is to control yourself. Make your reactions positive, be professional, and be respectful at all times.

9. Avoid Making Mistakes As Much As Possible

Another good way to handle a toxic boss is to avoid making mistakes as much as possible. When you have a toxic boss, there is no room for silly mistakes or errors. Remember, toxic bosses are always on the lookout for your flaws, and they will strike when they find one. 

Follow all office rules to the letter, go the extra mile in your work, and try not to miss anything. You don’t need your boss to succeed. Do the right thing, and you will be okay. 

10. Begin Looking Elsewhere

If you tried everything and nothing is improving, then start looking elsewhere. Don’t leave your job until you find another one. Handling a toxic boss sometimes depends on your personality.

Some people can manage toxic people well and live with them for decades without issues. If you’re one of those who don’t have the patience to handle difficult people, find another place. But be wise doing it.

The abovementioned recommendations will help you to handle a toxic boss in so many ways you can ever imagine.

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