It is not easy to know if a guy likes you or wants to sleep with you. Flirting with a guy happens, and you feel an attraction. But the signs he gives are confusing. Guys can be very smart in things like these. Here, we give you tips to see signs he wants to sleep with you. Now, you will know the real intent of any guy and defend yourself.

10 Signs a guy wants to sleep with you or genuinely date you

1. Everything Has To Happen Quickly: When a guy starts speeding up the stages of a relationship, he wants to sleep with you. Guys that are interested in just sleeping with you don’t have any patient. They are not interested in learning and knowing about you. He wants to hook up and go. He is always trying to get you to do things for him. And he creates the impression that he will lose interest in you if you fail to keep up. It is a way to get you to do what he wants without delay.

2. Personal And Emotional Interest: A guy who is after a serious relationship will be interested in everything about you. He asks questions about your life. He wants to know what you like, your dislikes, and understand your view. Also, he will make time from his schedule to be with you. A guy who wants to sleep with you will never do any of these things. He aims for the target and ensures that he succeeds. 

3. Making Out Or Having A Conversation: Guys that want to sleep with you have no interest in having conversations. He doesn’t want to know anything about you, your work life, family, or anything. He wants to hook up with you and has no interest in your heart desires. The only conversation he is willing to have is about your physical features and how to get you into the mood. He has an interest in you, but only because he wants to sleep with you.

4. He Wants To Meet Your Family, And He Wants To Introduce You To His: When a guy is always asking about your family, it is a clear sign he wants a serious relationship. Such a person understands the importance of family. He plans to find out more about everything that makes you who you are. Every time you are having a conversation, he is talking about you meeting his family. He also wants to know your siblings and parents as well. This guy wants to build trust by connecting with people who have known you before him. 

5. Conversations About Sexual Fantasies: Bringing up conversations on sex all the time is a sign of trying to get laid. When you are discussing important and serious issues with him, he makes raunchy remarks. This guy is a sexual predator who is hunting for a kill, so it is a habit, and he sees you as prey (1). 

All his comments about you are sexual and your beauty. When you tell him about your office presentation, his remark is how the clients are admiring you. And how all they were thinking about is you. You tell him you want to take your bath, he responds with he wishes he was there to wash you. So, be careful with a guy who makes such comments. They might sound cool and fun to you at first. Soon, he will begin to show you his real self. 

6. Serious Guys Look For Talent: So many men make the mistake of seeing a woman as a sex object. These are mostly men with a poor understanding of what a woman is. When you see a guy who seeks things beyond sex, he’s a serious person. But when a guy doesn’t care about your abilities, its signs he wants to sleep with you. Quality men will task your brain and want to have intelligent conversations. They believe the value of a woman is equal to a man. They understand that if they date you, you will compliment them. Responsible men make you feel you have more value than what’s between your legs. 

How To Know If It Is Real love Or Infatuation

7. He Doesn’t Remember Anything You Tell Him: When you tell him things, he can’t remember any details of it. He has no interest in anything you have to say to him. All he has on his mind is how to get you to come to bed with him. Ask him questions about your previous discussions, and he has forgotten already. He doesn’t place you as a priority in his head. He could have someone else who is a priority. You’re only a tool he needs for flirting. So he does not take anything you say too seriously. Every time he spends with you is to achieve his aim of getting to sleep with you.

8. He Cares About Your Feelings: Guys that make you feel comfortable around them should get your attention. They make an effort not to hurt your feeling. Making an apology is not hard, regardless of his actions. Even if his actions are unintentional, he still remains sober. He does everything possible to keep you satisfied. He sends letters, flowers, gifts to light up your mood.

Also, he makes an effort to know how you love people treating you so he can treat you that way. If a guy doesn’t do even any one of these, it’s a sign he wants to sleep with you. Pay attention to the clues, and don’t be too emotional to see beyond the surface. 

9. Excess Generosity: Women like men to pamper them. But sometimes, this pampering could be a weapon for a man. When a man sees you like things, he tries to use them to lure you (2). 

One of the signs he wants to sleep with you is that he shows excess generosity. The idea is to heighten your taste and make him rely on you. Responsible men keep their money inside the wallet. They spend only when necessary and expect you to pay the bills sometimes. 

10. He Introduces You To His Friends: Guys that want to date you will introduce you to friends. Guys like to brag about someone they like to their friends. If he’s not doing it, then you need to make him. If he refuses, then something is wrong somewhere.


Some guys will go to the extreme just to get laid. They’re very persuasive and will do just what you want until they get what they want. After getting what they want, everything changes so quickly. This article’s tips will help you identify guys who just want to sleep with you or genuinely date you. To not fall prey to such guys, always keep your eyes open for the red flags.


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