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10 Powerful Ways To Practice Self-Love

by | Ideas

May 23, 2020

Love Yourself—Finding Self-Love.


Growing up, I witnessed the attention that was given to students with health issues in my class. Oftentimes, most students were either asthmatic or dealing with sight issues. I wanted to be asthmatic so bad because I wanted that attention too. 

At some point, I began to watch movies a lot, sitting close to the TV as if I wanted to pluck out something from it. Few months into the act, I began to feel somehow visually. I was happy that my time for attention had come. My dad was informed about the new health issue I was battling with. 

Subsequently, I saw a doctor and we were informed that it wasn’t so severe and I didn’t need to use glasses. He said it was nothing drugs could not cure. My father was more than happy to hear that from the doctor. 

However, I felt so heartbroken. I needed that attention Jasmine and other rich kids had. They were rich kids and they all had related health issues which made them gain attention. I wanted to feel like a rich kid too so I thought having health issues would make me seem rich. 

We didn’t have much while I was growing up so I wanted to do anything to get validation. You’ll be wondering how I started having self hate at that young age. Well, I lived in a society where the rich received more treatment than the poor and middle class. So why wouldn’t I want to feel rich? I hated myself, I hated the fact that I wasn’t born into a rich home.

Furthermore, I remember getting stroked by my mother for always going to stand in front of our neighbour’s mansion just so I could lie to my friends that it was ours. I got more attention throughout the moment that stupid act of mine lasted for.

I once told my mum excitedly: ”mummy, I’m going to sleep like a rich child today” she smiled and asked? ”how do the rich sleep? Do they have a different sleep position?”.

Then I remembered how Amanda was drooling in class while she was asleep. How can a rich girl slobber? 

I saw the pain in my mother’s eye when she was tired of stroking me. This makes me to realized that there are some situations in life that can’t be controlled. Finally, I began to accept myself and love myself with the determination that I’ll change our story. 

I grew up and things were better for daddy. We began to live fine. Afterwards, I developed the health issues I’ve always wanted. I started to use glasses because my sight issue got worse. Furthermore, I became an ulcer patient. I visit a dental clinic most times because I have issues with my dental health.

It’s probably Karma for desiring someone’s life and for not loving myself enough. I started the process of loving myself and ever since then, life hasn’t been the same. I know it’s hard finding self-love but you can overcome self-hate by following these powerful steps; 


10 Powerful Steps To Practice Self-Love


1. Forgiveness


There’s no way one can start the journey to practice self-love without first forgiving oneself self. Let go of the hurtful past. Forgive those who hurt you. Pardon yourself for making wrong decisions. Forgive yourself for no one is perfect. 


2. Commitment


Be highly committed to loving yourself. Look in the mirror and remind yourself how beautiful you are. Reflect on life and remind yourself how you conquered the storm because only strong people conquer storms. Furthermore, dream of your beautiful future because it’s only when you love yourself you can make healthy decisions. Also remember that, decisions you take may make or mar your future. Therefore, you need self-love to be able to make healthy decisions.


3. Appreciate the people in your life


You’re blinded by self-hate that you can’t see that they’re people who really love you for you. Open your heart and eyes to them. Through them, you’ll know your worth. 


4. Take care of your needs


Learn to listen to your body. Look out for what you want. Do you need that bag you saw at the store? Get it. Is your skin giving you issues? Treat it. Do you want brighter teeth? Visit the dentist. Do all these and more if it will make you love you. Do not wait for your friends to make decisions for their own needs before you do yours. 


5. Don’t follow the crowd


Don’t do things because others are doing it if that’s not what you want. Do your own thing. Go at your own Pace. Life isn’t a competition. Slow and steady wins the race. Also, when you do what you like or want, you are more satisfied with yourself.


6. Learn to set boundaries


Setting boundaries helps keep your self-worth and respect intact. Don’t just take everything people throw at you all because you want to be loved by all. In addition to that, be consistent and firm when setting boundaries.


7. Importance


Understand that you have your own world and in that world, you’re the most important person. Be kind to yourself. Attach so much importance to yourself. Additionally, self-love means respecting yourself and having a sense of self-worth. Take pride in what you do and value yourself. That is self-love.


8. Discover yourself


Ask yourself what interests you? On this path, you might discover some unbelievable things about yourself. Don’t shy from them. Accept them if they’re things that will make you feel good. If they’re not, work on yourself to do away with them. Furthermore, discovering yourself will help you unleash your true potential. You will be able to find peace and success.


9. Do away with negative thoughts


Oftentimes, our thoughts shape us into what we are or what we perceive ourselves to be. When you begin to allow negative thoughts crowd your mind, you’ll keep wallowing in self-hate. Moreover, do not mind that inner you saying you can’t. YOU CAN AND YOU WILL. 


10. Life is not a bed of roses


Understand that life is not a bed of roses. You can’t always win all the time. Life isn’t perfect. Don’t feel you’re worthless over losing sometimes. It’s okay to lose, it can only get better. Also, don’t stop trying because the more you try, the more chances you have. Self-love drives you to make healthy choices in life.

In conclusion, when you love yourself, other things will follow. It’s time to shine. Get up on your feet because the world needs you. The world needs your uniqueness to complete itself. Love yourself, so the world can love you. 

Remember also that self-love also needs to be balanced. It’s not good to over-do it. Love others as well. Be kind not only to yourself but to everyone. Being a cheerful giver does you and others good.


By Emilie Schleif

Emilie Schleif is a Lifestyle Writer at Whatsdalatest, where she covers all things relationships and wellness—born and raised in La Canada Flintridge. She currently lives in Hamburg and loves running, hiking, and walking with her dog, Jasper.

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