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10 Principles To Guide You On Your First Date

by | Dating Tips

Apr 20, 2020

Here, you’ll find a good number of principles that will guide you on your first date. Making a good impression at your first meeting is important in starting a relationship. 

If the first date goes wrong, the opportunity may never present itself again. So it is better to make it perfect on that very first date. 

Many people find it hard to make a great first impression, which often results in embarrassing or uncomfortable situations. While it’s totally normal and understandable to be nervous on the date, it is always better to go prepared. 

You don’t know this person yet, and you have no idea how things will play out. It’s better to relax your mind and be yourself. And again, that doesn’t mean you need to act like you’re on a job interview. 

The most important thing is, that you should be calm. It wouldn’t hurt to smile and play a little bit at the first meeting. 

Here are some principles to guide and prepare you as you look forward to making a lasting impression on your first date.

1. Start by making an appointment

It will be best to fix the date on your first date with that person well in advance before you guys meet. You are more likely to get a positive answer when you put their other schedule into consideration and give them some time to prepare for it. 

Think about what time will be most appropriate. I recommend Wednesdays, Thursdays, or during the weekend. But hey, that’s up to both of you to decide. However, choose a date when you guys are free. 

No one should be in a hurry to go to the date. That way, you guys will have more than enough time for yourselves and get to know each other better, and stay till the end of the date.

2. Choose the right first date location

Among all the principles to follow when making your first date, this is, in fact, the most important one. 

The key to a first date is choosing the right location. The place doesn’t have to be an expensive or fancy restaurant. Instead, it should have a romantic atmosphere and feel to it. It’s best when you make it a relaxing date.

Also, you should focus on your date, not anything else going on around you. 

For example, a friendly and simple quiet restaurant with soft music playing in the background will do. 

You can also choose an open place with a fresh cool breeze like the park or perhaps, under a tree.

3. Prepare for a productive or engaging conversation

Girls don’t like boring guys; they like guys who can engage them continually in conversation, make them laugh or smile, and try not to complain about negative issues. 

Furthermore, try to keep conversations equal. Introduce engaging topics, such as the weather, movies, sports, and favorite foods. And be quick to switch conversations when you notice a topic gets boring.

4. Present yourself in a charming way

A vital step is how you present yourself on that first encounter with the woman of your dreams. Dress to impress and try not to be too overly formal—in a way that reflects your personal style. 

Maybe something casual like a button-down or a polo shirt, paired with khakis or dress pants. 

Take a deep breath. Be calm and allow things to flow naturally. Don’t be nervous or uneasy, and don’t be in a hurry or haste. 

5. Be Truthful and Sincere

Don’t be deceitful. You shouldn’t lie or deliberately hide things even if you don’t have to reveal everything at the initial meeting. 

If your date wants to know something, answer it. After all, you guys are trying to determine compatibility. 

Our honesty improves relationships and allows us to know about our weaknesses, bringing room for improvement. 

Additionally, It also helps others make the right decisions when asked for our input. Trust me; this is one of the best tips ever while on your initial encounter with her.

5. Be Modest on your first date

Don’t brag about your achievements, possessions, or abilities. For example, I earn so much money; everyone wants to be my friend. I am this, and I am that, etc. 

Show humility. I am not saying you should undermine your achievements and self-worth; instead, do it subtly and not excessively. 

Bragging and arrogance turn out to be by far the most common turn-offs on a first date or any subsequent date for that matter, and besides, it isn’t very unpleasant; it’s annoying.

Now, let’s talk about things you must avoid on the first date.

6. Don’t be overly inquisitive

Do not be so unduly curious on your first date. It’s one step at a time. Take things slowly. Remember it’s your first date, and there are more dates to come. 

7. Don’t be judgemental. 

Being judgemental hurts people. It treats a person as if they are not good enough to be treated with kindness and respect. Most importantly, We are all with flaws.

8. Give good compliments

This is another important factor. Girls like to be complimented. But try not to overdo it. Compliment her on her clothes, hair, character, and when she says something interesting. 

If possible, get her a gift like a flower. Tell her how much you’re anticipating the moment with her. 

She’ll also find it adorable that you get a flower for her on the first date. It is important to let her know how excited you are to see her, and you’re looking forward to subsequent dates after this.

9. Don’t talk about your ex

On your first date, you want to know about each other, not your exes. Talking about your ex on your first meeting makes your date feel less important, thinking you’ve not gotten over your past. 

Anyone who brings up their ex on their first encounter means they are not over their ex and probably shouldn’t be starting a new relationship in the first place. 

Why you should never talk about your ex on your first date:

  • Women may be supportive and loving partners, but they are not a therapist
  • It brings a comparison between her and your ex
  • It makes you weaker or not very effective
  • It’s always boring to talk about your ex. In addition, It makes her lose interest in your conversation
  • They will wonder or question if you’re over your ex

10. At the end of the first date

Take or walk her back home. If possible, her doorstep. Hug her and give her a kiss. Depending on the mood, either a kiss on the cheek or the back of her palm. Appreciate her for coming and tell her how much you enjoyed the date. 

Finally, tell her you would like to see her again, set up another date, and then follow up with a call the next day. She’ll get the hint that you really enjoyed her company. 

She will be like: “This guy is seriously into me.” 

I hope you find these ideas and tips on your first date very helpful. 

By Martin Corden

Martin Corden is a certified relationship expert and a songwriter from Australia. He loves researching and writing. Martin loves finding new ways to improve and inspires others to be their best version and work together towards it. Martin has a wide range of intellectual and artistic interests.

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