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10 Exciting Things You Can Do to Keep Yourself Busy at Home

by | Ideas

Jun 14, 2021

Many exciting activities can help you put boredom on the sidelines. Some of these activities will also help the family develop a strong bond together, including supporting one another’s talents and passions. For families with children, fun activities will drive them on to grow and develop their skills.

The activities will encourage everyone to try new and exciting adventures that involve using their creativity. The following are fun activities you can do to keep yourself busy at home or during the lockdown.

1. Home decorating

10 Exciting Things You Can Do to Keep Yourself Busy at Home

Staying at home gives you a golden chance to decorate your home. You can reuse waste and unused items to get creative and bring new life to your home. There are many DIY ideas available on Pinterest, Youtube, and Facebook. Some things to try include:

  • Declutter your place. 
  • Organize your closet
  • Scale artwork to your wall.
  • Style your bookshelf
  • Improve your bathroom storage situation.

First, do some brainstorming and identify areas that need some upgrade or fixing up to get started with decorating. After that, decide on what you are hoping to achieve. Do you want the living or sleeping room to feel cozy, spirited, and relaxing?

Check online for some inspirational pieces and ideas, make a plan, and get started. You have enough time. Don’t be in a hurry. Learn and put the new concept into practice.

2. Cooking new recipes

How to keep busy during lockdown

Just like baking, cuisine can give you a sense of relaxation. Cooking while staying indoors when confined at home is a great way to try new ingredients that you don’t usually use. Try new recipes and see how it comes out.

Use it to while away the time. If you live with your family, all of you can cook together, and it will be a lot of fun. The food will be utterly delicious, taste so fresh.

Prepare some easy recipes. It’s also an opportunity to learn new skills and to teach others a unique style of cooking.

3. Playing games with family members

Exciting activities can help you put boredom on the sidelines

Playing helps distract us from threatening situations, and it also provides relief from boredom, which is a breeding ground for pessimistic thoughts. Many people around the world are currently experiencing restrictions due to the coronavirus.

If we only work remotely or go to school from a distance and the afternoon football training or violin lessons may not hold based on restrictions, and our friends have to stay at home, we can still play wonderfully alone or with our siblings.

It never hurts to have a few games to play when you suddenly find yourself bored. Board games like Clue, Candy Land, Monopoly, Chess, and Scrabble are interesting games to keep your mind off things.

Suppose you’re not into board games, no worries. Many other surprisingly amusing activities like hide and seek, dominoes, and guessing games involve practically nothing besides your family, who aren’t afraid to be silly with you. 

4. Water Balloon Toss

Whether for a simple garden party or summer afternoon, water bombs are always exciting and ensure great fun. Children, in particular, have fun in the water action and let off steam in the process. 

Everyone should pick someone of their choosing. Have each team stand facing each other about two feet apart and start tossing the water balloon.

Each one should take a step backward after each toss, and the team throws the water balloon the farthest without letting it pop wins the game.

5. Family talent show

Woman singing

Just as the name sounds, each family member will perform a talent show in front of the whole group, just as on TV programs like America’s Got Talent, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc. Try not to leave out those who believe they don’t have talents.

Get everyone involve. They should all come up with exciting ideas such as singing, dramatic reading, dancing, or playing a musical instrument. If possible, as they perform, make a video recording and share it at future family events.

6. Storytime with family

Ways to Keep Busy During Lockdown

This is a must-play game for every household to keep themselves occupied during the long days at home. Ask everyone well in advance to think of a story to tell about someone else. The story could be a funny moment some time ago or an embarrassing moment.

It shouldn’t be too embarrassing, of course, but a little awkward won’t hurt either. That’s what will make the story more interesting. 

The goal is to have fun and laugh. This game is enjoyable during the evenings. Everyone should come together after planning and share their stories with the rest of the family members.

7. Watch movies and TV series

Watching Movies

The first thing many of us think about when we want to distract ourselves is watching movies, and for good reasons. Movies help us stay positive during tough times. It put happy thoughts into our heads. There are movies you can watch over and over again even after memorizing all the dialogs.

Here are some addictive movies you can try out if you want to put the excitement back into your routine. They are complete immersion, full of suspense, and some of the most exceptional movies of late.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. If you have something important to do in the next couple of hours, don’t start them.

  • Mad Max – Fury Road – Movie
  • The Queen’s Gambit – TV mini-series
  • The Night Of – TV mini-series
  • Breaking Bad – TV series
  • Game of Thrones – TV series
  • The Expanse – TV series
  • Honest Thief – Movie
  • The Leftovers – TV series
  • Dark – TV series

Whether it’s romance, drama, or comedy movies and TV series you like watching, you’ll surely love these films. They are on everyone’s favorite list. If you haven’t seen them yet, the restriction period is a perfect time to take advantage of. Whatever movie or series you chose, just be sure to have fun.

8. Learn a new skill

Learn a new skill

For starters, why not use the time you would normally be away from work or school to do other activities like learning a new skill instead.

It can be something you’ve been wanting to do for a while, like learning how to program, blog, or improve your cooking skills, to name a few things. Many websites have a lot of online tutorials for you to choose from.

You can find courses for a vast range of courses ranging from programming, writing, business, design, marketing – you name it. Some of these courses might even give you a qualification in the end.

Depending on your interest, it is also likely that you will find many other websites for you to learn some DIY skills.

Here are some DIY skills you can find on the internet

  • Restore and maintain your furniture.
  • Get stains out of your textiles.
  • Sew simple items.
  • Bake your own bread.
  • Paint properly. 
  • Change a light switch or electrical outlet.

9. Start a website or blog

Starting a blog to keep busy

Lockdown is a great time and opportunity to start your own website or blog. To get started, you’ll need to spend some time deciding on a unique name for the website, where you want to host it, the theme of your site, purchasing your hosting, installing the app of your choice like WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc.

You’ll also need some time planning and creating the design and style, and then, of course, creating content for the world to read and launching it. All these are unforgettable experiences that you’ll always live to cherish.

The good thing about blogging and building websites is that it can be about any topic like beauty, fashion, cooking, student life, music, photography, or travel, just to name a few. Go into any topic that you’re very passionate about and watch it grow.

When I started my own blog a few years ago, I didn’t know much about many things. But now, I know how to do much exciting stuff like SEO, web designs, and even some coding. As time goes by, I learn more and more new things every day.

I have even helped many other people set up their own blogs. However, it is important to create a website about something you are passionate about and interested in; otherwise, it will be difficult to motivate you.

10. Reading books and magazines

10 Exciting Things You Can Do to Keep Yourself Busy at Home

Books and magazines can come to your rescue, and they are one of the best ways to spend two weeks of quarantine time. Reading helps to stimulate creativity, making it an excellent idea for all ages.

Reading good books and magazines is a great way to keep busy. It can help you develop your personality, language skills and improve several skills.

Reading is one of the productive ways to enjoy this current situation by living multiple lifetimes while reading. There are various online books readily available like Amazon Kindle, Audible, Storytel and Google Books, etc.

Images: Unsplash and Pexels.

By Allison E.

Allison E. is the Head and Editor at Whatsdalatest. He enhances brand awareness and the communication process. He enjoys writing useful content and inspiring people to become the best versions of themselves.

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